Underwater Lenses & Filters

Lenses & Filters from Optical Ocean SalesUnderwater Lenses & Filters

Optical Ocean Sales offers macro and wide angle lenses, and red filters for improved white balance in available light, to fit many manufacturers' housings. They generally are a "wet-mount" and can be added, or taken off, underwater. We also offer many different types of adapters to change the size or type of mount for housing ports.

  • Save 32%
SagaDive Pro +5 Macro Diopter Lens
$220.00 $149.95
  • Save 19%
Saga Flip Diopter Holder for Gates AX100
$369.00 $299.95
10Bar Lens Adaptor F67-M55
  • Save 13%
10Bar Lens Adaptor F67-M55
$14.99 $13.00
10Bar Red Filter M67
  • Save 7%
10Bar Red Filter M67
$69.95 $64.95
Fantasea BigEye M55 Lens Kit
  • Save 13%
Fantasea BigEye M55 Lens Kit
$274.95 $239.95
Flip Shallow Filter