Nauticam EMWL 60° Wide Objective Lens

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Nauticam EMWL 60° Objective Lens

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Nauticam EMWL 60° Objective Lens (Flexible Focus)

The Nauticam EMWL 130° Wide Objective Lens  is for a narrower angle-of-view or if you would like the background elements to look more compressed, than the 60° objective lens is the perfect choice. It is designed with 9 elements in 6 groups. There are three focusing ranges that can be set on the lens, 00-55mm, 55-25mm and 25-0mm. I would suggest setting it to the 00-55mm setting and adjust to one of the closer settings when working extremely close to a subject. The closer setting work similar to an extension tube by moving the lens further away from the sensor.

The EMWL Objective Lenses offer a free of flexibility not seen before. There are three different versions with varying degrees of angle-of-view. You would choose one based on the look, subject or type of image you would like to produce. These, like the other two parts, can all be put together and disassembled underwater. You could keep all three objective lenses with you and swap out when needed. You can shoot these just like you would any other lens, but the real magic happens when you get up close to your subject. All three objective lenses will focus as close as the front element with the correct setting. You could fill up most of the frame with a nudibranch and still have room for a diver in the background! The EMWL is a great tool to boost your creativity.

Wet Wide Angle Lens Features
Field of View:
Mount Type:
Nauticam Bayonet
62.0 X 97.0mm
Weight- Land/Water:
378g / 260g
Depth Rating:
100m / 330ft
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