Sea & Sea YS-D3 MKII Lightning Underwater Strobe

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Sea & Sea YS-D3 Lightning Underwater Photography Strobe

New! Powerful guide number 33. Will fire continuously at GN16 without any interval time!

Sea & Sea YS-D3 MKII Lightning DS-TTL II Underwater Photography Strobe

All New! Never miss a shot again with the new Sea & Sea YS-D3 Lightning strobe! The YS-D3 features the latest precision circuitry allowing the strobe to fire at any moment! This high-performance strobe features superior consecutive firing capabilities, giving the ability to capture those critical moments.

New Mark II Model Now Shipping!

  • Newly developed software enables compatibility with existing and previous Sea&Sea optical converters. TTL shooting with the YS-D3MKII can now be enjoyed using the YS-D2 position on the S&S optical converter.
  • A newly designed circuit improves the accuracy of TTL light intensity with compact cameras and also provides greater compatibility with third-party Optical TTL converters.
  • The design of the light intensity adjustment dial and mode switch has been revised for better useability in all diving environments.

High performance strobe

The latest D3 circuitry and light-emitting strobe produces a powerful guide number of 33. A newly developed high precision optical lens has been fitted over the two flash tubes to disperse an even light from the center to the edge. The beam angle will increase to 100×110° with standard diffuser accessories, and can be increased to 150×170° with an optional dome diffuser.

Superior consecutive firing capabilities

The YS-D3 utilizes larger capacity condensers compared with those used on competing strobes. In addition, the D3 is also equipped with a newly designed charging circuit. As a result, the YS-D3 will fire at GN16 continuously without any interval time! Even when the strobe is fired at GN22, the strobe will fire again within a mere 0.8 seconds.

When the YS-D3 is fired at Guide Number over 22, a two-stage ready-to-fire signals will be issued. For instance, after the strobe fires at full power of GN33, the strobe will inform you both visually and audibly when the condenser is charged to fire at GN22. Then, when the condenser is charged enough to fire at GN33, another different signal will be issued. This design allows you to fire more rapidly in scenes where you want to shoot as many pictures as possible

Target light with increased power

Featuring a uniquely designed aluminum heat diffuser, the target light is now powerful enough to be used as a dive light! (about 4x the YS-D2's brightness).

Excellent visibility

The YS-D3 has a backlight panel that is effective when shooting in dark environments. The indicator color on the back of the YS-D3 changes each time the position of the mode switch is changed. Blue (in DS-TTLII mode), light blue (in slave TTL mode), orange (in manual mode with pre-flash), and green (in manual mode without pre-flash) The positioning of the operation system is obvious during night diving.


  • Guide Number: 33
  • Beam Angle: 80°x80°, 100°x100° (w/ Diffuser 100), 120°x120° (w/ diffuser), 150° with optional dome diffuser.
  • Battery Type: AA (x4) - Alkaline / Ni-MH
  • Number of flashes: AA 150 / Ni-MH 200
  • Recycole time: AA 3.0 sec / Ni-MH 1.5 sec
  • Color temp: 5600k
  • Color temp w/ diffuser: 5250k
  • Depth Rating: 100m / 330ft
  • Dimensions: 92 x 111 x 147mm / 3.6 x 4.4 x 5.6in
  • Weight: 600g / 21.2oz (without batteries)
  • Underwater weight: +40g / +1.40z
  • Others:
    • Exposure controls: DS-TTL II, Slave TTL, Guide number control dial
    • Pre-flash control: Equipped with pre-flash cancel mode
    • Auto-power off function
    • Over pressure relief valve
    • LED target light
    • Audible charge signal
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