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Olympus E-M1 UW Bundle OlympusThe flagship Olympus E-M1 camera has a revolutionary design for advanced photographers looking for a high-performance tool in a compact system camera package. The powerful Olympus OM-D E-M1 camera is packed with incredible speed and image quality that rivals full-frame DSLRs, all in a portable, yet lightweight body with efficient controls designed to go anywhere with an alloy-metal body and weather sealing. This is a top-of-the-line camera body!

Now Optical Ocean Sales is able to offer a incredibly-priced Olympus E-M1 Value Package at close to half price! It includes the OM-D EM-1 camera, 14-42mm lens, PT-EP11 housing, PPO-EP01 flat port and zoom gear, at just $1699, $1400 off!

If you bought one of our earlier Olympus mirrorless packages; this is a perfect trade up for you; lenses, most ports, trays, arms and strobes will all plug and play. We also have some great Olympus EM-1 Systems that include lighting available at great prices!

i-DAS SS-2 Strobe– By Jack Connick Over the years many customers have asked for some sort of combination of video light and strobe. With most new cameras also shooting excellent video, this need has increased. However mounting both types of lights at the same type is bulky and heavy. Underwater photographers want to keep their rigs small and compact to swim with. It’s especially so in these days of limited baggage when traveling. When you add in extra batteries and chargers, lighting starts to take up significant space.

SS-2 and SS-1 are a well thought out implementation of the combination strobe/light idea. But they’ve taken it a long step farther by making the design modular with well-integrated controls and features.

Current Symbiosis models are shipping with either a 1000 or 2000 lumenhead. i-DAS SS-2 StrobeDifferent light heads can be interchanged, and in the near future there will be a wide selection of lights available including 4000 lumen, narrow beam, UV and more. As lighting technology is changing rapidly, photographers can simply upgrade their lights and not have to replace the entire thing. The light head and battery can be combined with a light adapter for a stand-alone light with a convent socket provided to add a mount or handle. Read More
Nauticam Sony a6300 Nauticam a6300We just received our first Nauticam NA-6300 housing for the Sony a6300 camera. We noticed quite a few refinements and small additions over their older NA-6000 housing that we thought we’d report on.

The size and weight is about the same as the older housing, and a bit more rounded and tapered on the top. There are many small changes like larger more robust knobs present throughout.

The first thing we saw was that there are now two bulkhead ports to accommodate both M14 and M16 bulkheads, or the new push button vacuum release valve. It works with the included leak detection electronics of the housing to quickly let you know if you have a pressure leak before it becomes a water intrusion. Having dual bulkhead ports was first introduced on larger SLRs, then on the small Sony NA-RX100IV housing. It gives you the ability to add the vacuum valve and either an external monitor like the SmallHD 502, or an electrical bulkhead for strobes.

Lembeh Straits

Hurry, only 2 spots left on an exciting underwater photo expedition for Jan. 28-Feb8th, 2017 to the Komodo Islands in Indonesia on the luxurious Damai I liveaboard. Upwelling of nutrient-rich water from deeper areas is responsible for a rich reef ecosystem and incredible species diversity. The variety of marine life that you can see in Komodo rivals any of the world's best dive destinations. Read More...
Lembeh Straits

Join Optical Ocean Sales for a 11 night cruise on the luxurious Damai 1 liveaboard Nov. 4-15, 2018 with one of the most diverse and unique itineraries in all of Indonesia. Located between the much publicized Raja Ampat islands to the north and the venerable Komodo islands to the south, the Banda Sea is an exciting outpost that offers some of the most unique diving adventures to be found in the Indo-Pacific regions. Read More...
Sri Lanka

Explore Beautiful Reefs, Wrecks & Whales, then go on Safari in Sri Lanka April 7 - 17, 2018. Join Optical Ocean Sales on the new Sri Lanka Aggressor for a unique photography adventure. Read More…