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One Camera, One Lens - An Ascent from Desperation. I'm just back from a 10 day live aboard dive trip to the Solomon Islands. I had packed 5 different cameras and systems to do a round table of testing and comparing in order to write some practical reviews. As usual, I spent time going over each camera system making sure I had packed all the necessary batteries, chargers, lenses and attachments. All was reasonably packed into two cases. One was carried aboard and my Seahorse hard case and dive bag/clothes checked. With everything spread out the day before, I tried to balance their weights, airline requirements for lith-ion batteries etc. What I didn't do was to make sure that essential chargers, batteries and mounts were all packed together with each camera. Oops.... Read More...

Now there's 11 new FREE downloadable .pdf handbooks in our series; "Basic Guides to Better Underwater Photography". Underwater Macro Photography Handbook: The closer we look, the more we see. Slow down, go small and look into the plants and growth. You'll find surprisingly beautiful and fascinating subjects. Macro photography allows photographers to get in close, reducing the amount of water between the camera and subject; bringing out color, sharpness and details in photos. Download it, and all our other free Handbooks today in the Resource Center!

Optical Ocean Sales has designed a ready-to-dive Ultimate Nauticam LX 100 Underwater Photo System Package made for serious underwater photographers! This system includes the aluminum Nauticam LX100 housing with vacuum leak detection, standard and wide angle dome ports, lens holder and the new Nauticam CMC macro lens. It also features an over-the-top lighting package with two Sea & Sea YS-D2 strobes, sync cords, a powerful 2800 lumen iTorch V25 Focus/Video Light, Nauticam Flexitray set and I-DAS arms. This system won't leave you lacking for whatever you encounter underwater.
Hurry, only two spots left on an exciting underwater photo expedition for 2017 to the Komodo Islands in Indonesia on the luxurious Damai I liveaboard. Upwelling of nutrient-rich water from deeper areas is responsible for a rich reef ecosystem and incredible species diversity. The variety of marine life that you can see in Komodo rivals any of the world's best dive destinations. Read More...

The LX-100 is the latest of a long line of enthusiast cameras that started with the LX-3. Long on video features like 16:9 picture ratio, adjustable capture rates, easy one-touch white balance and more, these cameras have long been viewed as a great way to capture both video and stills. The LX100 takes it much further and set the camera world on it's ear by being the first compact camera that could shoot 4K video.
Nauticam's legacy with Panasonic is evident in it's housing design and the NA-LX100 comes with all the latest features such as a vacuum leak detection system, cam lock closure and aluminum 300' depth rating. It's a good, solid performer. Read More...