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Hairy CrabKomodo National Park lies near Bali, between East & West Nusa Tenggara islands in Indonesia. Our intrepid group of Optical Ocean Sales photographers managed to survive a cold wet season dive expedition there last February on the Damai 1 liveaboard boat.

Cold and wet aren't what usually comes to mind when thinking of Komodo, which is hot and dry most of the year. But during the short winter months things reverse. The north becomes cold and the south becomes warmer. Which can be fine; the southern sites are some of the best. Except when there's a typhoon blowing off the south of Australia. Then the area can all be very exposed. Which is what greeted us on and off during course of the trip.Visibility in the water suffered at times, but good diving was found amid changing conditions of wind and rain. However, we were limited to where we could go.

Denise and I managed to get colds on our layover in Bali, but the rest of the group started diving in Padar Bay. After that with a narrow weather window, we made our way south to the shelter of the south end of Rinca Island and anchored behind Pulau Kode doing multiple dives at Cannibal Rock, Torpedo Alley, Yellow Wall and Palau Pisang. We especially liked the good visibility we enjoyed at that site, pretty walls with lots of animals to photograph.... Read More...

Lembeh ShrimpWe came, we saw, we took photos, and more and more photos of an amazing variety of small underwater critters at Lembeh Straits, Indonesia last October on the Optical Ocean Sales Photo Expedition there.

Lembeh is an area centered around the town of Bintung, at the north end of North Sulawesi Island. With 8,000' deep drop-offs nearby, pumping huge amounts of plankton into the area, it harbors and fosters one of the highest bio-diversities of marine life found anywhere on the planet.

Staying at the lovely, new Dive Into Lembeh Resort at Hairball, our group of 16 found so many unique animals in our viewfinders that it was hard to keep up with the amazing sightings.It seemed like everything we discovered was a "Pigmy" or "Hairy" as well; Pigmy Filefish, Seahorses, Cuttlefish; Hairy Frogfish, Octopus, Shrimp - all found their way onto our memory cards. Small, delicate, and incredible, there were amazing finds on almost every dive. Lembeh Straits is truly a macro photographer's paradise. Read More...

Nauticam Sony a6500 packageOptical Ocean's great new Nauticam Sony a6500 Underwater Video system features matched components that will give you great results for your epic diving videos! Nauticam Sony a6500 Featuring the Nauticam NA-6300 housing with a complete vacuum leak detection system, sharp, Nauticam WWL wide angle lens with a 130° field of view and two iTorch c92 Video Lights with a high 92 CRI color balance index! We've included arms, clamps and WWL accessories to make this a complete, easy-to-use video system! Read More...


Rock Islands Agressor, April 8th to 15th, 2018.
Join Optical Ocean Sales’ owner Jack Connick for an amazing photo safari to Palau in Micronesia. Our 7 night, 5.5 dive day expedition will be staying on the luxurious liveaboard Rock Islands Aggressor, based out of Koror, Palau.

Nauticam Sony a6500We will explore the reefs and waters in and around the limestone rock islands of Palau. Dive sites will include WWII wrecks, German Channel, Ulong Channel, Blue Holes and the famous Blue Corner – Micronesia's most famous shark dive.

Dive Yap with Manta Ray Bay Resort (optional) Includes 4 nights, 3 days diving at the Manta Ray Bay Resort on Yap, a small island famous for stone money, manta ray and shark diving. It features comfortable lodging with excellent dive and camera facilities. Read More...

Lembeh Straits

Travel Through Timeless Indonesia from the Triton Bay to Raja Ampat! All-inclusive Photo Expedition on Damai II Liveaboard March 12th-24, 2019.

Join Optical Ocean Sales for a 12 night cruise on the luxurious Damai II liveaboard cruising from Triton Bay to Raja Ampat! This cruise offers an opportunity to visit a wide range of areas and unique diving opportunities to photography everything from the smallest macro shrimp to whale sharks! Read More...