UW Technics NN-2/IS TTL Converter for Nikon Nauticam Housings


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UW Technics Canon TTL-Converter for NAUTICAM housings

Compatible with Nauticam NA-5DIV, NA-7D/II, NA-5DS/R, NA-5DIII, NA-1DX/DC/II, NA-60D, NA-80D, NA-5D/II housings.

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UW Technics Nikon TTL-Converter for NAUTICAM housings (11031)

UW Technics, NN-2/IS, is a TTL Converter and LED Flash Trigger. Optical and electrical strobe triggering is supported, and NN-2/IS is compatible with popular strobes from Inon (D-2000, S-2000, and Z-240) and Sea & Sea (YS-01, YS-D1, and YS-D2).

Compatible Nauticam housings: 

  • NA-D4
  • NA-D4S
  • NA-D5
  • NA-D500
  • NA-D600/610
  • NA-D750
  • NA-D7100
  • NA-D7200
  • NA-D800
  • NA-D810
  • NA-D850
  • Does Not Fit D500, D5, D850 or newer housings. See: Nauticam 26308.

With these flashes, optical strobe triggering is the way to go. The full automatic and manual functionality of the system is supported, and optical triggering eliminates problematic electrical sync cables.

Most of the Nikon cameras supported by NN-2/IS have a pop up flash, and when used with these compatible strobes already offer automatic flash control. So why buy a TTL converter?

In these cases the main advantage of the flash trigger is speed. The recycle time of the camera’s pop up flash is no longer a limitation, meaning continuous shooting and rapid fire sequences are now possible! Previously, continuous firing was only available with a manual triggering system, but UW Technics unlocks this capability with optically synced flashes in TTL exposure mode!

TTL is undoubtedly an important feature, but there is no disadvantage with this part installed in manual flash modes when you want them. This one product can serve as both a TTL Trigger (with optical or electrical sync) AND a manual flash trigger.

Easy In-Camera Control

UW Techinics TTL circuit is fully controllable via camera menu, and includes a special feature for M mode that adjusts flash intensity. Built-in firmware allows the photographer to use 3 variants of M mode, including both classic method and advanced methods. Advanced control allows the user to adjust underwater strobe light intensity manually via camera scale (approximately 1/64 to 1/1). In this case, the photographer does not need to operate the dial switches on the strobe body, and can just keep their hands on the housing, switch M mode and set the flash intensity via the camera controls.

TTL Accuracy

Strobe type can be easily set by onboard miniaturу 10-position rotary switch.

Compatible with:

  • Inon Z-330 / Z-240 / D-2000 / S-2000
  • Sea&Sea YS-D1 / YS-D2J / YS-250 /YS-D3
  • Ikelite DS160 / DS160
  • Subtronic Pro-270 / Pro-160
  • Retra

Long Battery Life

Battery life is 5 years in continuous working mode. Products have micro current consumption from a pair of CR2032 batteries and automatic On/Off switch. User need not be concerned about the battery life of the device during a dive trip.

Specifications of TTL Converter:

  • Compatible photo cameras: Canon 5DIV, 7D/II, 5DS/R, 5DIII, 1DX/DC/II, 60D, 80D, 5D/II
  • Compatible underwater housing: Nauticam
  • Compatible strobes: Inon Z 330, Z 240, S 2000;
    Sea&Sea YS-250, YS-D1,YS-D2;
    Ikelite DS161, DS160;
    Subtronic Pro 270, Pro 160.
  • TTL outputs onboard: 2 optical + 1 electric
  • (+/- Ev) “Flash Exposure compensation” adjustment: yes
  • “TTL / M” mode switching: yes
  • Manual Adjustment of strobe intensity (by camera controls in “M” mode): approximately 1/64…..Full
  • 1-st / 2-nd curtain mode: yes
  • “Flash Off” mode: yes
  • Continuous (serial) shooting mode: yes
  • Switching power “On/Off”: automatic by camera command
  • Battery: CR2032 (2 pcs.)
  • Current consumption (in standby mode): 0.1 mkA
  • Compatible Fiber-optic cable type: Nauticam #26216, #26217
  • Compatible Electric cable: Sea&Sea, Ikelite
  • Compatible Dual Electric cable: Sea&Sea, Ikelite
  • Electric Bulkhead type (optional accessory): Nikonos-V, Ikelite, S-6

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