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The Olympus OM-D E-M1 is a highly customizable camera allowing for many personal preferences and considerations for underwater use. Hopefully this article, with collaboration from customers and staff here at Optical Ocean Sales, will give you a starting point for setting up your E-M1 camera for underwater use.

Raja Ampat in Indonesia, has always held a lot of fascination for me. Customers on their way there, or just back, were awestruck by the area. “Best in the diving in the world!” they’d say, but having dove for many years, I’ve heard that before…

By Coroander, courtesy of WetPixel.  The E-M5 is a highly customizable camera and there are a lot of considerations (and personal preferences) for underwater use. The article will help you to prepare at least a starting point for configuring the camera for video underwater use. (to be used after following the photo set up instructions)
By Coroander, courtesy of WetPixel. The E-M5 is a highly customizable camera and there are a lot of considerations (and personal preferences) for underwater use. This article will help you to prepare at least a starting point for configuring the camera for underwater use.

Part 2, Diving in PNG and Using the Metabones Adapter

By Bill Van Antwerp
In the second part of the review for the A6000, I will discuss how the system worked underwater during a 2-week trip to Papua New Guinea on the Chertan and explore some options for macro lenses other than the Zeiss 50 mm macro lens.

Part 1 Diving with the Sony Alpha-6000 – Camera and Housing
What’s a Macro Guy to Do?

By Bill Van Antwerp, President, LA Underwater Photo Society
Introduction: We just completed a 2-week trip to PNG followed by a week in Bali. Before the trip, I changed systems (again) and brought only the Sony alpha-6000 camera, the Zeiss 50 macro lens and a brand new Nauticam Housing for the camera. For strobes I brought along a couple of Inon S2000s and a couple of Sea & Sea YS-D1.

By Margo Cavis, Optical Ocean Sales

Divers and models make nice subjects to inspire wonder and excitement for the underwater environment. A human presence in this surreal, weightless surrounding can really draw your viewer in and help them relate to your image.

By Margo Cavis & Jack Connick, Optical Ocean Sales

Capture the unique beauty and wonderment of the underwater world where mysterious creatures exist. Underwater animals represent a unique world that not everyone gets to experience. Capturing these moments fuels the imagination and inspires creativity.

Video options have come a long way! Chances are, you might already have a camera that is capable of shooting video – so where does your camera fit in? Or maybe you are looking to upgrade and you’d like to know your options?

We've researched some current offerings and have listed several in each product range. Let’s take a look at what’s out there…

Have you ever been on a dive where you see some big animals – but you just can’t get close enough to capture a really good photo? This is the perfect chance to try out video. Some scenes that don’t make good still photos can actually make great video – like a group of dolphins off in the distance. Or, would you like to show behaviors, or tell a story? Do you want to show your non-diving friends and family how cool it really is? How about showing the world your story – online?
Looking over the new Olympus PT-EP12 housing for the new PEN E-PL7 camera one is immediately struck by how much smaller it is and with a new shorter port it’s a lot more sleeker than all it’s predecessors.

Although it’s also shorter, lighter and thinner; the PT-EP12’s polycarbonate shell is still depth-rated to 147 feet (45 meters). The new housing design feels more like the compact PT-056 for the Olympus TG-3, than the older PT-EP10 for the PEN E-PL5.

Twenty-one underwater photographers boarded the Solmar V dive boat in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico, on June 23rd expecting to steam the next 25 hours to the Revigadagos Islands, aka "The Socorros", 250 miles offshore. Alas, "Amanda" had other ideas.

Having built up to a Category 4 Hurricane, Amanda was an early violent storm a few hundred miles south of Socorro Island and heading straight for the area we were to dive. Needless to say, the Captain told me that we had to make a big change and head north into the Sea of Cortez.