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The Olympus TG-4/TG-3 Cameras have a robust selection of flash modes. Generally all you have to do is put the camera in auto/forced flash mode, but on some strobes TTL won’t sync with these settings. Fortunately Olympus has provided an alternative sync mode that does seem to work. To access it you must first enable it, then select it from the flash settings. It is best used with Program or Aperture camera modes. This information is shown on Page 30 of the owners manual as well.

Enabling External Flash Slave Mode

  • Press the “Menu” Button on the camera.
  • Press the Right “Arrow Key” to select main menu functions.
  • Press the “Down Arrow Key” to go to “Camera Menu 2” (this is the second camera Icon on the left hand side).
  • Press the “Right Arrow Key” to enter that menu setting.
  • Press the “Down Arrow Key” to select “Accessory Settings”.
  • Press either the “OK” button or press the “Right Arrow Key” to go into The “Accessory Settings”.
  • At this point you should see two options on the screen. Option one is “Remote Flash”. and the other is “Conversion Lens”. These instructions are for enabling Slave, aka "Remote" Flash. mode, but you can follow steps 1-8 for either the Wide Angle Lens (PTWC-01) Fisheye Converter (FCON-T01) or the Tele Converter (TCON-T01).
  • Select “Remote Flash” by pressing the “Ok” button or “Right Arrow Key”.
  • Use the “Up or Down Arrow Keys” to select different options.
  • If you have a non-Olympus Strobe skip to step 12.
  • If you have an Olympus strobe select “(Flash symbol) RC” by pressing the “Ok” button, this will allow for better communication between the TG-4 and the Olympus strobe.
  • If you have a non-Olympus Strobe, select “Slave” by pressing the “Ok” button.
  • This will bring you back to the screen with “Remote Flash” and “Conversion Lens” option
  • You will notice next to “Remote Flash” that it will either display “(Flash Symbol) RC” or “Slave” depending on which strobe you have.
  • At this point you can press “Menu” to go back a setting.
  • By pressing the “Menu” button again you will go back into shooting mode.

Selecting Slave Mode from Camera Flash Settings

  • At this point press the “Right Arrow Key” to quick select the options on the side of the screen.
  • This should get you to the “Flash Setting” .
  • If this doesn’t, use the “Up and Down Arrow Keys” to go to the Lighting bolt (This is the Flash setting that will allow you to select what flash you want to use).
  • Use the “Right or Left Arrow Keys” to scroll through the options until you reach the option that has a Lighting bolt with the words “SLV” next to it. This is the Slave mode.
  • Try taking pictures now. If it still doesn’t work, try steps 18-21 to select different flash modes. If that doesn’t work, use manual settings on the camera and strobe to adjust exposure. TTL may not be compatible.