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MAHA PowerEX MH-C800S AAA/AA Battery Charger


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MAHA PowerEX MH-C800S AAA/AA Battery Charger

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MAHA PowerEX MH-C800S AAA/AA Battery Charger

Quality, 8 AA/AAA Battery Charger with LCD display. Microprocessor controlled, 8 independent circuits. 2 hour fast charging. Conditioning cycle keeps batteries in prime shape. Heavy Duty International AC Adapter (may need plug adapter). Has the same capabilities as MH-C801D, except the MH-C800S has a slower charge rate and a cheaper price.

  • Eight Independent Charging Circuits
  • Charges any combination of 1 to 8 rechargeable batteries. Mix and charge AA / AAA rechargeable batteries all at the same time
  • Normal Charge time of about 2 hrs
  • Soft charge mode recharges in about 4hrs
  • LCD Display
  • Displays charging and conditioning status of each battery independently. Display shows “CONDITION”, “CHARGE”, and “DONE”.
  • Built-In Deep Battery Conditioning System
  • Cycle charges, discharges, and then recharges rechargeable batteries without requiring several repeat cycles.
  • Restores rechargeable batteries to their optimal performance level. Reduces any memory effect.
  • Selectable Soft and Rapid Charge Modes
  • Soft charge option for highest battery life, or choose the Rapid charge option for the shortest charge time.
  • Ultra Precision Microprocessor Controlled
  • 0.001V voltage detection.
  • Recharges your batteries correctly each and every time. No over charge, no under charge. Just the right charge each and every time.
  • Maximum Battery Life
  • Heavy Duty International AC Adapter
  • Universal auto-ranging switching adapter assures Worldwide voltage compatibility.
  • Made to last in rough environments, and uses a rugged DIN style connector.
  • Great for home or travel.
  • Integrated Safety Protection Device
  • Battery Polarity Reversal Protection - Prevents Charger damage and operation in case a battery is inserted into the MH-C800S backwards.
  • Alkaline battery Protection - Automatically recognizes an Alkaline battery and Prevents Charger operation and damage.
  • Short circuited Battery Protection

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