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Tips and tricks to help make your life easier - and your photos better! These are taken from our Facebook page — like us there for more Tips o' the Day!

By Margo Cavis & Jack Connick, Optical Ocean Sales

Capture the unique beauty and wonderment of the underwater world where mysterious creatures exist. Underwater animals represent a unique world that not everyone gets to experience. Capturing these moments fuels the imagination and inspires creativity.

Video options have come a long way! Chances are, you might already have a camera that is capable of shooting video – so where does your camera fit in? Or maybe you are looking to upgrade and you’d like to know your options?

We've researched some current offerings and have listed several in each product range. Let’s take a look at what’s out there…

Have you ever been on a dive where you see some big animals – but you just can’t get close enough to capture a really good photo? This is the perfect chance to try out video. Some scenes that don’t make good still photos can actually make great video – like a group of dolphins off in the distance. Or, would you like to show behaviors, or tell a story? Do you want to show your non-diving friends and family how cool it really is? How about showing the world your story – online?

Here's some tips and tricks for the care and use of your gear that you may find useful, or make your life easier! These are taken from our Facebook page — like us there for more Tips o' the Day!

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