Kraken 8+8 Ball Arm Set

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I-DAS Ball to Ball Arms 8" + 8" + 3 clamps.

Kraken 8+8 Ball Arm Set

The Kraken Ball to Ball Arms 8" + 8" and 3 clamps package is great for the use of underwater strobes or lights with ball mounts. This is a great set up for the underwater photographer who has the strobes or lights that have ball mounts as an option for use. with the ball mounts the diver can adjust the angle of the strobe/light in many different directions compared to the standard ys mount.

The best

"If it is possible to make better arms, I don't know how. These are absolutely the best arms I have ever used. Easy to adjust, stable, I am amazed how simple and effective they are (and I have owned dozens of arm sets). Worth every penny."
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