Ikelite Digital SubStrobe DS-160 with NiMH Battery

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Ikelite Digital Underwater SubStrobe DS-160 with NiMH Battery 4060.5

For the brightest, smoothest coverage

 get an Ikelite Digital SubStrobe DS-160 with NiMH Battery.

Ikelite Digital SubStrobe DS-160 with NiMH Battery 4060.1

For the brightest, smoothest coverage

 get an Ikelite Underwater Digital SubStrobe DS-160 with NiMH Battery. In a real world, side-by-side comparison, the DS160 remains one of the brightest strobes on the market for underwater photography. More importantly, the quality of light is exceptional due to a round flashtube and reflector designed specifically to deliver the softest, most even coverage possible. The DS160 remains the favorite of pros worldwide for delivering a warm light without needing to add a light-dimming diffuser.

LED Focus Light

A bright, concentrated LED aiming light provides more than enough light for focusing or as a night diving light. The LED turns off and on when the strobe is fired, ensuring that no bright spots will ruin your photo. Need a video light too? Check out the DS161 Substrobe.

More Flashes – Faster

NiMH batteries are work horses, and a great choice for high powered rechargeable devices due to their performance and reliability at a more affordable price point than lithium ion. This high capacity battery pack provides professional quality power and speed flash after flash, well beyond the capabilities of even the best AA-cell batteries.

Shooting full power flashes? Expect a lightning fast 1.6 second recycle time and over 225 flashes on a single charge. Shooting TTL or in a fractional power setting? You'll get very close to instantaneous recycle time and up to 3X as many flashes... plenty for a day of diving! This battery recharges in half the time of its Li-Ion counterpart for quick topping off before your night dive.

Our famous quick-release toggle system attaches the battery pack with ease and confidence, making a flooded battery virtually impossible.

TTL Flash Exposure

When combined with a compatible Ikelite TTL system or film TTL system, the DS160 automatically adjusts brightness to provide perfect exposure whether you're shooting macro, portrait or wide angle. 

Slightly Negative Buoyancy in Salt Water

The DS160 is slightly negative in salt water. If you don't like the negative aspect to the light you can get buoyancy floats like Stix or 10bar float tubes or float arms from Nauticam or 10Bar.


Guide Number :
  • 24
Strobe Beam Angle :
  • 90 Degrees, 100 Degrees w/ Diffuser
Batteries :
  • 7.2V 3300mAh NiMH
Flashes at Full Power :
  • 225
Recycle Time :
  • 1.5 sec
Color Temp :
  • 4800K
Depth Rating :
100 m / 330 ft
Dimensions :
96 x 179 mm / 3.75 x 7 in
Weight :
1243 g / 2.7 lb
Buoyancy :
Slightly negative in salt water
Manual and TTL Capabilities :
TTL (Ikelite TTL Systems) / Manual
Focus Light :
Mounts Included :
Ball mount
Other Features :
205 lumen focus light


  • 300 ft (90 m) depth rating
  • TTL mode with compatible Ikelite TTL systems
  • Manual power modes in 10 1/2-stop increments
  • 205 lumen LED modeling light
  • Color temperature 4800K
  • Guide number 24 m at ISO 100
  • Coverage angle 90° without diffuser - 100° with diffuser
  • Over 225 full power flashes per charge
  • Up to 3X as many flashes per charge in TTL or fractional powers
  • Lightning fast recycle time 1.6 seconds or less
  • Ikelite ICS 5-pin bulkhead
  • Rechargeable 7.2V 3300mAh NiMH battery pack
  • Fast 2.5-hour recharge time
  • Dimensions 3.75 x 7 in (96 x 179 mm)
  • Weight 2.7 lb (1243 g)
  • Slightly negative buoyancy in salt water

What's Included

  •     DS160 strobe front
  •     Rechargeable NiMH battery pack
  •     Smart Charger for NiMH / NiCad
  •     Ball Mount
  •     Diffuser
  •     Waterproof bulkhead cap
  •     Silicone lubricant 1cc tube
  •     2 year limited warranty on DS160 strobe
  •     1 year limited warranty on NiMH battery pack + charger

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