Zen 170mm Mark II Dome Port for Nauticam Mirrorless Housings

Zen 100mm shown

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Zen 170mm Mark II Dome Port for Nauticam Mirrorless Housings

Zen 170mm glass dome port mark II for Nauticam mirrorless (MIL) housings.

This new version of the Zen 170mm dome port with an extended mount will fit a wide variety of lenses including the Panasonic 7-14mm, 12mm, 12-35mm, 12-40 and 9-18mm lenses for m4/3s or NEX systems without any extensions. This port will not fit the Panasonic 8mm FE lens. Features sharp corners and durable optically-coated glass with aluminum mount.

Compatibility Guide


8-15mm FE
15mm FE
10.5mm FE
10-17mm FE
Aquatica DP-100-AC * DP-100-AN DP-100-AT
Hugyfot DP-100-HC * DP-100-HN DP-100-HT
Ikelite DP-100-IC ** ** DP-100-IT
Nauticam DP-100-NC * DP-100-NN DP-100-NT
Sea & Sea NX DP-100-SC * DP-100-SN DP-100-ST
Sea & Sea RDX * ** ** DP-100-SN1
Subal 3rd Gen. DP-100-S34,6 DP-100-S3 DP-100-S3 DP-100-S32
Subal 4th Gen. DP-100-S4C5 DP-100-S4 DP-100-S4 DP-100-S43

* Pending
** Not planned at this time

1 Requires Sea & Sea RDX Port Base L (p/n: 30109) - possible slight vignette at 10mm
2 Requires Extension Ring EXR-13/3
3 Requires Extension Ring EXR-13/4
4 Requires Extension Ring EXR-28/3
5 Requires Extension Ring EXR-28/4
6 15mm only on full frame cameras
7 Remove shade for 8mm circular fisheye on full frame cameras

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