Zen 170mm Dome Port for Nauticam DSLR Housings

Zen 170-NA

Zen 170mm Port for Nauticam DSLR housings



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Zen 170mm Glass Dome Port for DSLR Housings

Works well with Fisheye and medium zoom lenses, even on full-frame cameras like the Nikon D750, D800, D810 or Canon 5DMKIII.

The 170mm size is travel friendly yet maintains the Zen tradition for the finest optical ports available. This multi-coated port offers optical purity, free from chromatic aberation, flare and distortion yielding stunning photographic results. The interior of the dome element is coated with a magnesium fluoride broadband anti-reflective coating to minimize internal reflections from camera lenses, lettering on cameras, etc. which can be problematic when shooting over/under scenes. The exterior is treated with a proprietary scratch resistant coating to control lens flare. This coating yields an amazing 99.7%+ transmissive value for true distortion free images.

The DP-170 is available in mounts for Nauticam mirrorless, Nauticam SLR, and Sea & Sea housings. Includes a protective aluminum shade and neoprene cover.

However for the most part this dome can be directly substituted for the larger Zen 230mm dome.

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