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Saga Dive Fiber Optic Ring Flash for Nauticam 105VR Port (Used)

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Demo Saga Dive Fiber Optic Ring Flash Adapter for Nauticam 105VR Port

One only! Used demo unit can be used on Nauticam D7000-series, D800-D850, etc. with Port 87 for Nikon 105VR lens. Any diopter can be used. Only fits Sea & Sea YS-D1, D2, D2J strobes. Port, strobe, diopters, arms, etc. are NOT included.

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Pigmy SeahorseDemo Saga Dive Fiber Optic Ring Flash Adapter for Nauticam 105VR Port

Saga Dive has a new answer for underwater mcro photography lighting. The Saga Ring Flash uses fiber optic technology and existing strobes to transfer the strobe light output through a parallel series of fiber optic cords held in place around the front of the port. Light is bright and even on the subject and rapidly tapers off in the background, creating nice bokeh or a black background. This one was made to fit Sea & Sea YS-D1, D2strobes and works very well and in both manual and TTL modes.

The Saga Ring Light has an adjustable collar that allows you to pull, or push, the ends of the fiber optic cords in and out, thus focusing the light narrower or wider, and allowing for different lengths of diopter lenses. Most popular macro diopters work well, such as Nauticam SMC, CMC, Subsee +5 and +10, etc.

Ornate Ghost PipefishSaga Dive designed the unit to be mounted on a short arm with the strobe upside down and centered over back of the housing. This does allow for the best flexibility of adjustment of the fiber optic cords, but it can be in the way of looking at the subject, and blocks the use of focus lights as well.

Another mounting option is to mount a strobe to a handle ball mount with a clamp. This frees up the focus light holder, and also mounts the unit out of the way.

The Stix FB-AQ float belt fits well on a larger DSLR port and adds quite a bit of flotation to balance the rig nicely.

The Saga Fiber Optic Ring Flash is very durable; the fiber optic cords are quite stiff and won’t bend or break in normal use.

Yellow fishThis lightly used demo unit was made to fit a Nauticam Port 87 for a Nikon 105mm VR Macro Lens, while using a Sea & Sea YS-D1 or D2 strobe.

This unit will only fit the above port and strobe configuration, but can be used on Nauticam D7000-series, D800-D850, etc. Any diopter can be used as the fiber optics are adjustable in length. Strobes can be mounted off to the side or on top of the housing. A second strobe (conventionally mounted) can be used at the same time. TTL is not affected and works very well.

This only includes the fiber optic adapter as shown below, port, strobe, diopters, arms, etc. are NOT included.

New units to fit other configurations are available at normal list pricing.


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