Subal Nikon D7200 (D7100) Underwater Housing


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Standard color is grey.

Subal ND7100 Underwater Housing for Nikon D7100 & D7200 DSLR Cameras

Subal ND7200 Underwater Housing for Nikon D7100 & D7200 DSLR Cameras

Anyone using a SUBAL ND 7200 housing can feel the passion and no-compromise commitment to quality they apply down to the smallest part. Subal's designers and production staff accept nothing but perfection in producing housings. Only the best, top grade materials pass their tough “handmade“ quality control. Less obvious at first glance, are the many improved features Subal builds into their housings, innovations that have grown over decades of field and manufacturing experience. Subal believes only housings designed and built hand-in-hand with the photographer deserve the “handmade“ label. SUBAL quality wins hands down!


Because when it comes down to it, you want only the best materials! Therefore the ND7200 SUBAL Housing is milled from a solid block of aluminum. This prevents unwanted air pockets and ensures absolute tightness. All housing parts and accessories are made of this same alloy, which is characterized by a high degree of seawater resistance. Additional heat treatment increases strength and hardness by about 30% and reduces the inevitable underwater deformations due to depth. Guaranteed are shafts, screws, and many other parts made of high-alloy nickel-chromium coated steel. Only high-quality engineering plastics are used - for the best durability and longevity.

Surface Coating

You want to have long-term fun with your SUBAL housing and we ensure that it is built for maximum durability:  “hard-coating” produces wear and scratch resistance plus corrosion resistance in all aluminum parts to a superior level through a tough protective layer (up to 10 times that of an anodic coating). As additional wear-protection we add a high-quality, multi-layer powder coating.


The camera is mounted on a saddle for precise positioning inside the housing. A 4 mm main-O-ring and the SUBAL QuickLock latching system make it virtually impossible to close the housing if the O-ring is not lying correctly in its groove. Maximum security is assured. Threaded holes in the base of the housing allow the mounting of trays etc. A mounting plate with threaded hole on the top of the housing may be used for a light-weight aiming light. Generous shading of the LCD-monitor provides a dazzle-free view of the brilliant image of the camera monitor.


The ergonomic placement of all important controls provides convenient and comfortable handling of the camera functions. Power Switch with Display Illumination, Shutter Release, Focus/Zoom, Focus Mode Selector, Lens Release Button, Sub Command Dial, Main Command Dial, Mode Dial, Release Mode Dial, Flash Open and Close, AE-Lock/AF-Lock, Live View Switch, Movie Record Button, Port Lock.

Push Buttons for:

  • Play Back
  • Delete
  • Menu
  • White Balance
  • ISO
  • Quality
  • Lock Release
  • BKT
  • Flash Mode
  • Metering
  • Exposure Compensation
  • OK
  • Multi Selector Buttons
  • Info
  • AF-Modes

The first time SUBAL offers 4 different viewfinder systems for this housing:

The Standard-viewfinder reduces the viewfinder image slightly to allow the whole frame to be viewed whilst wearing a diving-mask.

GS-180 viewfinder and WS-45 angled viewfinder offer an image sized equal to the cameras viewfinder. The GS-180 viewing angle is line of sight and the WS-45 is 45°. The new Prism finder PS-30 shows the viewfinder image full sized with a viewing angle of 30°. The PS-30 has a long eye relief which is especially helpful for video shooting. The viewfinder systems are interchangeable and can be mounted easily by the user.

As with all our products choice of materials, machining, surface protection and finish conform with SUBALs well known standards of reliability and workmanship. All SUBAL ports with bayonet mount can be fitted to this housing (except DP-FE2). Standard mount is Type 3.

Subal Nikon Port Chart

Subal Nikon D7100/D7200 Manual

Technical Data:

Seawater resistant aluminum alloy, machined from solid, extreme surface hardening and corrosion resistance through HardCoating. 3-layer powder coating. All parts manufactured from anodized and hard coated aluminum, acid proof stainless steel or high quality plastics. Seals are seamless precision O-rings. SUBAL QuickLock latching system.

  • W x H x D: approx. 220 x 190 x 140 mm (w/o port and handles)
  • Max. Depth: 80 m (120 m on request)

  • Weight: approx. 2.7 kg (without port and accessories)

  • Weight in water: almost neutral (depending on port and accessories)

  • 2 x Sea&Sea Fiberoptic Ports Flash connectors: Up to 3 Flash Bulkheads (Optionally) Nikonos V, IKELITE or S6 sockets
  • Strobe arm mounts: Two 25 mm T-Plates, TLC- or Ultralight base optional

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