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Premium Underwater Housings -
Handmade with Handling in Mind:

Subal’s experience gained over more than five decades of development and production has crystallized into user confidence that comes from the supreme reliability of their underwater camera housings.

Subal housings are milled from a solid block of aluminum. This prevents unwanted air pockets and ensures absolute tightness. All housing parts and accessories are made of this same alloy, which has a high degree of seawater resistance. Additional heat treatment increases strength and hardness by 30%. Guaranteed are shafts, screws, and many other parts made of high-alloy nickel-chromium coated steel. Only high-quality engineering plastics are used - for the best durability and longevity.

For maximum durability Subal’s “hard-coating” produces wear and scratch resistance plus corrosion resistance in all aluminum parts to a superior level through a tough protective layer (up to 10 times that of an anodizing). As additional wear-protection we add a high-quality, multi-layer powder coating.    

Subal’s housing controls are optimized to be close to the camera position that you are used to - so avoiding having to re-think. The high-tech design, based on our 2ndSkin principle, results in the smallest possible dimension and weight.

SUBAL  produces a durable, premium housing with excellent balance and control.Save
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