Stix - Jumbo Float kit for I-DAS or ULCS Arms

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Stix - Jumbo Float kit for I-DAS or ULCS Arms

Stix - Jumbo Float kit for I-DAS or ULCS Arms

As easy as 1 2 3 adjust the buoyancy of your system with Stix Buoyancy Floats for I-DAS or Ultralight Arms. Kit contains four Large floats that will attach to your existing Ultralight arms providing added buoyancy. Our floats feature an off-center mounting position so you do not need special clamps. Each float requires 2 inches of arm and may be easily cut for exact fit. Can be slightly modified to fit rod style arms. Size: 2 5/8 semi-square x 2 long. (1) FUL-3 kit will provide 1.4 lbs. of lift.


Floats and Float Arm Features

Type of Floats :
Floats for Arms
Buoyancy :
  • 725.75 g / 1.6 lbs total
Dimensions :
  • 76.2 x 50.8mm / 3 x 2in (ea)
Construction :
  • Non-compressible Foam

Works as more sore arms with the dslr and several lengths of strobe arms on each side. 1 set of these made it just slightly negative, which is how I prefer it. Better than it was without them. Would buy again if needed
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