Stix - FB-AQ Float Belt for Nauticam/Aquatica

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Stix - FB-AQ Float Belt for Nauticam/Aquatica

Stix - FB-AQ  Float Belt for Nauticam/Aquatica

A 10 segment float belt is contoured to fit unique shape of the Nauticam or Aquatica 105mm Macro Ports. Strap on up to 24 ounces of flotation or remove a segment or two to tune in the buoyancy to fit your system needs. Travel weight: 5 ounces.


Floats and Float Arm Features

Type of Floats :
Floats for Arms
Buoyancy :
  • 680.39 g / 1.5 lbs total
Dimensions :
  • 203.2 x 50.8 mm / 8 x 2 inÊ
Construction :
  • Non-compressible Foam

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