SEACAM Nikon D850 Ultimate Optical Strobe Underwater System Package

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SEACAM Nikon D850 Ultimate Optical Strobe Underwater System Package



Optical Ocean Sales SEACAM Nikon D850 Ultimate Dual Optical Strobe Underwater Photography System

Optical Ocean Sales offers you a fantastic optical sync SEACAM Ultimate package for the Nikon D850. Wide anlge or macro you're set with the finest gear made. Featuring the SEACAM Compact Dome Port, it will accommodate the popular Sigma 15mm FE lens, Nikon 8-15mm and other lenses. Also included is the SEACAM MIP 80 Macro Port for the 60mm VR Nikon macro lens plus an extension to accomodate the Nikon 105mm VR macro lens. This D850 package also comes complete with a superior lighting package including the SEACAM optical trigger, two Sea & Sea YS-D2J strobes, fiber optic sync cords and a powerful Kraken Hydra 5000 lumen Flood/Spot/Red/UV light, all mounted with high-quality Nauticam arms and clamps. Just add your camera and lenses!

SEACAM D850 Silver Underwater Housing

Flexibility, endurance, and precision on a whole new level: The NIKON D850 redefines photographic perfection with a speed, sensitivity and a richness of details you haven't seen before, making it the ideal tool for underwater use. The ideal companion is the new SEACAM silver NIKON D850 housing, which is fully equipped with all necessary functions and will be the key to your best photos below the surface.

The housing is milled out of a saltwater-proof light metal alloy twice hardened and high-value anodized.

Special longevity is achieved through use of materials of only the best quality: stainless steel, anodized aluminum, premium synthetics as well as Helicoil threads.

Double sealing with seamless, high-quality precision o-rings protect all shafts and press buttons. The main o-ring is of a particularly strong dimension.

•  Clearly laid out LCD color monitor window and tilted anti-glare upper display window.
•  1 S6 flash socket, 2 flash arm tees 25mm, tripod thread 3/8", M8 thread on the housing, 2 removable handles and optic-acoustical water alarm.
•  Optional optical sync system included in this housing, manual control with the YS-D2J.
•  Remote socket optional
•  Spare o-ring set, lubricant, hex-wrench set and locking strap in neoprene bag; protection caps and instruction manual.

S180 Optical Viewfinder

Even looking through the diving mask, special optics display a clear viewfinder image up to three times the normal size and makes image composition significantly easier for you. Other viewfinders such as the S45 are available.

The SEACAM Compact glass dome port and the MIP macro port along with gears and extensions are included.

Strobe Sync

This housing includes the optional optical trigger and port for manual strobe control via fiber optic cables. The housing also comes with one TTL electrical sync for Nikon.

Two Sea & Sea YS-D2J Strobes

New YS-D2J StrobeThe Sea & Sea YS-D2J is setting new standards for power in a compact strobe is a very versatile underwater strobe. New Made in Japan model has improved quality and reliability. The auto DS-TTL exposure compensation function allows subtle lighting control by adjusting the Light Level dial in DS-TTL mode. Powered by four AA batteries, in a redesigned battery compartment, the YS-D2J offers a maximum light output of guide number 32. Keeping with the same great performance specs as the YS-D1, the YS-D2J has added an audible tone providing TTL and ready light confirmation. The YS-D2J also features a faster recycling time, and a rear glowing colored panel with easy-to-adjust controls.

Kraken Hydra 5000+S Lumen Wide, Red, Spot and UV Video Light

The Kraken Hydra 5000+ lumen light has 2 buttons for ease of use, a water resistant light head for flood protection, as well as spot, flood and red beams. It features a COB LED for the best, and most uniform, flood beams for your photography and video needs.

This 5000S+ Video Light also comes with the added feature of having a Spot and UV light along with the Wide and Red light. So it can be used as a regular dive light, or as a focus or video light as well. Divers who want to shoot fluorescent photography will have a strong light source. The two button layout mean that you use one button to select the mode, and the other to select the output level. No hard-to-remember sequences on a single button.

The Kraken Hydra lights come in a complete set that includes ball and YS style mounts, spare orings, charger and a carrying case.

What's Included:

  • SEACAM Nikon D850 Silver Housing
  • Optical Slave Trigger
  • Dual Fiber Optic Sockets
  • 180 Degree Viewfinder S180
  • SEACAM Compact Dome Port
  • Anti-reflective Coating - Compact Dome Port
  • Anti-reflective Flocking - Compact Dome Port
  • SEACAM PVL25 Extension
  • MIP 80 Macro Port
  • SEACAM Zoom Gear
  • 2x Sea & Sea YS-D2J strobe
  • Dual Fiber Optic Cable
  • 2x Nauticam 8" Ball arms
  • 2x Nauticam 5" Ball arms
  • 7x Nauticam Clamps
  • Kraken Hydra 5000+S Video/Focus light
  • 2x ULCS Ball Mount
  • SEACAM M8 Accessory Ball Mount

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