SEACAM Compact Sony a1 Underwater Housing


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SEACAM Compact Underwater Housing for the SONY a1 Camera

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SEACAM Compact Underwater Housing for the SONY a1 Camera

Seacam housing for the Sony A1 full frame mirrorless camera. It offers S6 and/or fiber optic strobe triggering and is compatible with all standard Seacam ports. It has 4 bulkheads for S6, vacuum, or video out and is tested to 80m (with a super deep version also available.) This SEACAM underwater housing sets new standards in design and ergonomics. Sleek and lightweight, Seacam housings extremely well balanced and easy to use.

The housing is milled out of a saltwater-proof light metal alloy twice hardened with the highest quality anodizing. Seacam housings are not only durable but maintain their appearance under the toughest conditions.

Double sealing with seamless, high-quality precision O-rings protects all shafts and buttons. The main O-ring is rugged an durable. The integrated titanium SAFETY LOCK fastening system safely secures the housing.

The housing allows users to access “all available functions” of the camera and has a “very compact size”—250 x 160 x 120mm (9.8 x 6.3 x 4.7in), excluding port, viewfinder, and handles. The housing weighs in at 1810g (4lbs), with port and viewfinder, and is roughly neutral underwater, depending on the configuration. It is compatible with Seacam’s standard ports.

The housing has four bulkheads for connecting accessories such as strobes, vacuum pump, and monitor/recorder, and both S6-style and fiber-optic strobe triggering are possible. The housing is depth-rated to 80m (260 feet), and a deep version is also available.


•    Dimensions (W x H x D): 250 x 160 x 120 mm excluding port, viewfinder, and handles.
•    Weight: 1810g excluding port and viewfinder, neutral under water depending on port and viewfinder.

Housing Features
Depth Rating:
80m / 262ft
Construction Material :
Metal Alloy
Includes Moisture Alarm System:
Includes Vacuum Seal System:
Sync Cord Compatibility :
TTL Converter Installed:
Compatible Port System:
Cold Shoe Mount :
Includes Tray and/or Handles:
Access to All Camera Controls:
250 x 160 x 120mm / 9.8 x 6.2 x 4.7in
Weight- Land/Water:
1.8kg (63.5oz) / Near Neutral
External Monitor Compatibility :
Optional View Finder Accessories:
45 ̊ viewfinder (S-45)
  • Construction: saltwater-proof light metal alloy twice hardened and high-value anodized
  • Weight: neutral under water depending on port and viewfinder.
  • Operation depth: - 80m, deeper operation depth on request.
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