Sea & Sea a7RIV Ultimate Underwater System Package

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Sea & Sea Sony A7RIV Ultimate Underwater System Package

New Low Price; now includes Latest Universal Dome Port and YS-D3 Strobes!


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Optical Ocean Sea & Sea Sony MDX A7R4 Ultimate Underwater Photography System

Optical Ocean Sales offers you a fantastic Ultimate package for the Sony Alpha 7R IV. Featuring port configurations for both the popular Sony 16-35mm F2.8 GM and Sony 90mm macro lenses. This A7R IV package also comes complete with a superior lighting package including two Sea & Sea YS-D3 strobes, Sea & Sea sync cords and a Kraken Hydra 2500 lumen Flood//Red/UV light, all mounted with high-quality Kraken arms and clamps. Just add your camera and lenses!

The MDXL-α7IV underwater housing for the 61MP Sony Alpha 7R IV camera is the first of Sea & Sea's new MDX-L series housings. The redesigned MDX-L series housings are now upgraded with more standard features including; silicone handle inserts to improve handling, SA8 fixed ball bases, and a Leak Sentinel vacuum system. The Sony Alpha 7R IV camera can also be mounted in this housing with its LCD monitor extended from the camera to reduce the distance between the rear window and monitor to increase visibility.

MDXL-α7IV Features:

  • The Port Lock prevents the port from turning or loosening and the Port Lock lever is specifically located to avoid being unlocked accidentally.
  • The housing is equipped with a lens-lock release button which makes it possible to change lenses easily, without opening the housing.
  • Pulling out the Focus/Zoom Dial gives sufficient room inside the housing to easily accommodate larger diameter lenses.
  • The camera’s diopter adjustment dial can be operated from outside the housing. This feature is useful when two or more people with different eyesight use the housing.
  • All controls have luminescence stickers which glow in dark environment. Equipped with the Optical Viewfinder 0.5x as standard. Other optional viewfinders such as the VF180 1.2x, VF45 1.2x and Optical Viewfinder 0.66x, 0.8x can be used.
  • Equipped with two sacrificial zinc diodes (one on the front case and the other on the rear) to prevent electrolysis damage.
  • Built-in vacuum leak sensor immediately alerts you to water ingress.
  • Tripod screw mount is located on the center underside of the housing.
  • Equipped with under guard to protect from scratches.
  • New rubberized yellow grips

Sea & Sea Universal Dome Port 210 A/R

Sea & Sea's new 210mm Universal Dome port is included! Compared with conventional acrylic material or optical glass, PLANEXⓇ produces superior or better optical performance.

With high-precision injection molding methods, SEA&SEA has succeeded in producing a dome that has the same curvature as a concave meniscus lens*. The 210 AR dome’s optical distortion is as small as that of optical glass lenses. The dome is treated with a multi AR coating to prevent internal reflection from occurring.

Two Sea & Sea YS-D3 MKII Underwater Photography Strobes

All New! Never miss a shot again with the new Sea & Sea YS-D3 Lightning strobe! The YS-D3 features the latest precision circuitry allowing the strobe to fire at any moment! This high-performance strobe features superior consecutive firing capabilities, giving the ability to capture those critical moments. New Mark II Model now shipping, with improved TTL compatibility and accuracy, as well as larger control knobs.

High performance strobe

The latest D3 circuitry and light-emitting strobe produces a powerful guide number of 33. A newly developed high precision optical lens has been fitted over the two flash tubes to disperse an even light from the center to the edge. The beam angle will increase to 100×110° with standard diffuser accessories, and can be increased to 150×170° with an optional dome diffuser.

Superior consecutive firing capabilities

The YS-D3 utilizes larger capacity condensers as well as a newly designed charging circuit. As a result, the YS-D3 will fire at GN16 continuously without any interval time! When the strobe is fired at GN22, it will fire again within a mere 0.8 seconds.

When the YS-D3 is fired at Guide Number over 22, a two-stage ready-to-fire signals will be issued. For instance, after the strobe fires at full power of GN33, the strobe will inform you both visually and audibly when the condenser is charged to fire at GN22. Then, when it is charged enough to fire at GN33, another different signal will be issued. This design allows you to fire more rapidly.

Featuring a uniquely designed aluminum heat diffuser, the target light is now powerful enough to be used as a dive light!

Sea & Sea Internal YS TTL Converter/S1 Included!

The SEA&SEA Internal Optical YS Converter offers the functionality of a Sync Cord system while simultaneously offering the benefits of a Fiber Optic system by converting the camera's TTL signal into a light signal. This design reduces possible leak points by eliminating the use of threaded bulkheads while allowing for rapid fire and a reduced recycle time by linking directly to the camera through the hot shoe. Conserving camera battery life, this system also prevents the camera from overheating.

Kraken Hydra 2500 Lumen (Wide, Red and UV) Focus and Video Light

The Kraken Hydra 2500 Macro Edition light is the perfect all-in-one solution for divers wanting to use a smaller camera rig. The Kraken 2500 strobes very brightly to 4000 lumens when you shoot your camera! It is synced to your camera via a (optional) fiber optic cable to fire in a burst mode. You can use a constant 2500 lumens, with a burst to 4000 lumens. This output is enough light for most macro photo situations.

This light has flood, red, and blue beam modes. You can combine the red, and the blue beams for a sort of pinkish purple. This can be used for artistic back, or side lighting. The modes are controlled by an easy-to-use two button operation with one button for mode and another for adjustable output. Holding down one button puts it in/out of burst "strobe" mode.

Built to the usual high-quality Kraken standards, the head water resistant. If you have an accident and flood the light, the head will remain ok. You'll probably have to replace the battery but that is much less expensive than replacing the light. This gives you the benefit of being able to easily switch batteries between dives, but also not having to worry about a flood!

Included in box: Light, Battery, Charger, YS Mount, Ball mount, spare orings, padded case.

Substitutions Available! Contact us to customize this system as you like!

(Note older YS-D2J strobes shown on photos, new YS-D3 strobes are included.)

Mirrorless and DSLR System Package Features
Camera Body Included:
Macro Ready:
Wide Angle Ready:
Key Camera Features:
61MP / 4K UHD Video / Full-Frame Mirrorless
Ports Included :
DX Macro Port, 210mm Universal Dome port
Max Light Output:
Beam Angle:
80 x 105 (w/o Diffuser), 100 x 110 (w/ Diffuser)
Color Temp:
Light Features:
Flood / Spot / Red / UV
Includes Focus Light:
Kraken 2500
Includes Leak Detection/Vacuum System:
Arm Length(s):
8in + 5in
Depth Rating:
100m / 330ft

What's Included:

  • SS-06195 Sony MDXL-α7IV Housing
  • SS-50139 YS Optical Controller/S1
  • SS-30201 Universal Dome Port/AR
  • SS-30119 DX Macro Port 87
  • SS-30124 Extention Ring 30L
  • SS-30125 Extension RIng 40L
  • SS-31199 Zoom Gear for Sony 16-35 F2.8 GM
  • 2x Sea & Sea YS-D3 Strobes
  • 2x SS-50128 Fiber Optic Cord II M/2
  • SS-46114 Housing Lanyard
  • Kraken Hydra 2500 Macro Edition
  • 2x Kraken 8" + 5" BB Arms
  • 6x Kraken Clamps
  • 25322 Nauticam Long Stem Cold Shoe Mount
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