Sea & Sea Nikon D500 Quality Macro Package

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Sea & Sea MDX-D500 Underwater Macro Housing Package for Nikon D500

New Low Price! Now Upgraded with the new YS-D3 strobe!

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Sea & Sea MDX-D500 Underwater Macro Housing Package for Nikon D500

Optical Ocean Sales has configured a great Quality Sea & Sea Macro Package for the Nikon D500 Camera. This includes a Sea & Sea MDX-D500 underwater housing, macro port, Kraken 1500 lumen WSR AFO focus/video light, along with a powerful Sea & Sea YS-D3 strobe with arms and sync cord. Included also the innovative Sea & Sea Optical TTL converter. This allows for very fast and accurate TTL shooting with control on the housing. This is the perfect system to start shooting with the D500 DSLR underwater, you can easily add a second strobe and wide angle port later on.

Sea & Sea MDX-D500 Underwater Housing

Made for a solid block of aluminum, the MDX-D500 is a great underwater counterpart to the new Nikon D500 DX camera. The MDX-D500 housing has redesigned levers and luminescent buttons that increase their visibility while shooting in low light conditions. Convenient controls and a locking AF lever make for an enjoyable shooting experience. A leak detector is included.

Sea & Sea YS-D3 MKII Underwater Photography Strobes

All New! Never miss a shot again with the new Sea & Sea YS-D3 Lightning strobe! The YS-D3 features the latest precision circuitry allowing the strobe to fire at any moment! This high-performance strobe features superior consecutive firing capabilities, giving the ability to capture those critical moments. New Mark II Model now shipping, with improved TTL compatibility and accuracy, as well as larger control knobs.

High performance strobe

The latest D3 circuitry and light-emitting strobe produces a powerful guide number of 33. A newly developed high precision optical lens has been fitted over the two flash tubes to disperse an even light from the center to the edge. The beam angle will increase to 100×110° with standard diffuser accessories, and can be increased to 150×170° with an optional dome diffuser.

Superior consecutive firing capabilities

The YS-D3 utilizes larger capacity condensers as well as a newly designed charging circuit. As a result, the YS-D3 will fire at GN16 continuously without any interval time! When the strobe is fired at GN22, it will fire again within a mere 0.8 seconds.

When the YS-D3 is fired at Guide Number over 22, a two-stage ready-to-fire signals will be issued. For instance, after the strobe fires at full power of GN33, the strobe will inform you both visually and audibly when the condenser is charged to fire at GN22. Then, when it is charged enough to fire at GN33, another different signal will be issued. This design allows you to fire more rapidly.

Featuring a uniquely designed aluminum heat diffuser, the target light is now powerful enough to be used as a dive light!

Kraken Hydra 1500 - Wide, Spot, Red Focus Light with Auto Off-On

This new Kraken Hydra 1500 lumen light is part of the new line up from Kraken Sports. It has a lighted push button that switches between a wide 100° flood beam, a red focus beam, and a spot beam for use as a dive light. The button has a lighted battery strength indicator light. It has an 85 min run-time on high.

It also has an added Auto Flash Off feature. So when using it as a focus light it will automatically turn off when your strobe fires (if you want it to). It includes a YS mount.

This light is also a favorite of many macro shooters for the ability to use it for back and side lighting and having both flood, and spot beams built in to one light.

The Kraken Hydra lights come in a complete set that includes YS style mount, charger and a carrying case.

Substitutions Available! Contact us to customize this system as you like!

Mirrorless and DSLR System Package Features
Camera Body Included:
Macro Ready:
Wide Angle Ready:
Key Camera Features:
20MP / 4K UHD Video / APS-C DSLR
Ports Included :
Macro Port 87
Max Light Output:
Beam Angle:
80 x 105 (w/o Diffuser), 100 x 110 (w/ Diffuser)
Color Temp:
Light Features:
(Up to) 200 Flashes at Full Power, Manual and TTL
Includes Focus Light:
Kraken 1500
Includes Leak Detection/Vacuum System:
Arm Length(s):
8in + 5in
Depth Rating:
100m / 330ft

What's Included:

  • Sea & Sea MDX-D500 Housing (SS-06179)
  • Sea & Sea Compact Macro Port 87
  • Sea & Sea Optical YS Converter N (SS-50126)
  • Sea & Sea FIxed Arm Base 8 (SS-22119)
  • Sea & Sea Fiber Optic Cable II (SS-50128)
  • Sea & Sea YS-D3 Strobe
  • Kraken 1500 WSR AFO Focus Light
  • Kraken 6" Hot Shoe to Locline YS Arm
  • Kraken 8" Ball to Ball Arm
  • Kraken 5" Ball to Ball Arm
  • 3x Kraken Clamps
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