Saga Flip Diopter Holder for Gates AX100 & AX700

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Saga Flip Diopter Holder for Gates AX100/AX700 GP34A

Flip macro diopter allows a a wide range of shots from super acro to wide angle on one dive!

Saga Flip Diopter Holder for Gates AX100/AX700 GP34A/FP34A Ports

For the tiniest critter imaging, SAGA Dive designed and manufactures this Gates-quality flip in diopter holder. Made from anodized Duralumin it is compatible with all AX100/AX700 ports. Paired with the GP34, you have the widest range of imaging available in a single setup from Mantas to Pygmy Sea Horses.

  • Allows for perfect centering on lens
  • Works with all macro diopter lenses with M67 threads.
  • Allows for more choices underwater and you retain the ability to also flip down the Gates internal red filter.
  • Also fits FP34A Gates Macro Ports

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