Saga 230mm (9") Glass Dome Port

Saga 230mm (9") Glass Dome Port

Saga Tapered DSLR Macro Port for Nikon AF-S 60mm - Subal Type 3 mount



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Saga 230mm - 9" Glass Dome Port. Available in all mounts.

High-quality glass dome port for rectilinear lenses. Mount made from anodized 6082 aluminum, sun shade is removable. Inside has flocking to reduce reflections. Comes with neoprene cover and bag.

Dome is BK-7 optical glass. Coated with silicone oxide which enables a refraction index of only 0.01% for improved light transmission. Has an anti-glare coating.

Size: 250mm x 120mm

Weight: 2.1 kg

Mounts available for almost any DSLR!


  • Nauticam Super Macro Converter (SMC-1)
  • Saga Dive Single Flip Diopter Holder M67
  • Saga Dive Double Flip Diopter Holder M67

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