Optical Ocean TB-10 Wide Tray Sea & Sea Double YS-D2 Lighting Package

Optical Ocean TB-10 Wide Tray Sea & Sea Double YS-D2 Lighting Package

I DAS TR-03 Tray & Sea & Sea Double YS-D2 Package

Whats Included:

  •  2x Sea & Sea YS-D2 Strobes
  •  Krakan Hydra 2000 Wide and Red Light
  •  EX-iLoc i-DAS 4" Loc-line Hotshoe arm
  •  2x Sea & Sea Sync Cords
  •  TB-10 Tray
  •  ET-02 Tray Extension
  •  2X - HB-05 Handles
  •  2x BB-i07 Arms
  •  2x BB-i05 Arms
  •  6x CL-138 Clamps

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Optical Ocean TB-10 Wide Tray Sea & Sea Double YS-D2 Lighting Package

Expandable and modular, the TB-10 Sea & Sea YS-D2 Double lighting package is the answer for underwater photographers that want a great quality external strobe system for larger camera housings.

TB-10 Underwater Housing Tray and Double Arm System Package

The Optical Ocean Sales TB-10 underwater housing tray and extension is a slim, but sturdy lightweight tray to connect your entire underwater photo system to - housing, arms, flash and lights. Handles and housing can be easily adjusted left and right. The skinnier shape makes it ideal for travel - especially when you need to dismantle your system to fit it in your luggage. The handles have a comfortable rubberized grip and a ball mount. Comes with two 5+7" arm sections per side, six clamps and a 4" Loc-line hotshoe arm.

Fits all housings large and small and is ideal for the Olympus PT-EP series.

Two Sea & Sea YS-D2 Strobes

The Sea & Sea YS-D2 is setting new standards for power in a compact strobe is a very versatile underwater strobe. The auto DS-TTL exposure compensation function allows subtle lighting control by adjusting the Light Level dial in DS-TTL mode. Powered by four AA batteries, the YS-D2 offers a maximum light output of guide number 32. Keeping with the same great performance specs as the YS-D1, the YS-D2 has added an audible tone providing TTL and ready light confirmation. The YS-D2 also features a faster recycling time, a rear glowing colored panel with easy-to-adjust controls.

Two accessory diffusers (included)

When a wide beam is not necessary, the YS-D2 has a guide number of 32 with an 80x80 beam angle. For an even stronger circular 100x100 light output at a guide number of 24, mount the Diffuser 100. When a wide-angle lens is used, the diffuser 120 can be attached with a guide number of 22. These three beam angles can be selected in accordance with the photographer’s requirements.

EV Compensation Control Function

The YS-D2 is the world’s first slave TTL strobe equipped with an exposure compensation (EV) control function
By controlling the actual flash light level, the strobe realizes accurate exposure compensation with EV value.

Kraken Hydra 2000 Wide and Red Video Light

The Kraken Hydra 2000 lumen light has 2 buttons for ease of use, water resistant light head for flood protection, and flood and red beams. It features COB led for the best, and most uniform flood beams for your photography and video needs.

The two button layout mean that you use one button to select the mode, and the other to select the output level. No hard-to-remember sequences on a single button. All of the lights utilize multi-cell battery packs, with quality, fast chargers. Recharge time is about 2.5 hours from a completely drained state. Extra battery packs are available.



Sea & Sea YS-D2

  • [Guide Number (ISO 100/m) (land)] : 32, 24 (with Diffuser 100 attached), 20 (with Diffuser 120 attached)
  • [Beam Angle] : 80°x80°  (without diffuser), 100°x100°(diffuser 100), 120° x 120° (diffuser 120)
  • [Batteries] : 4xAA A: 6V Ni-MH: 4.8V
  • [Number of Flashes*1] : A: 150 Ni-MH: 250
  • [Recycle time (full)*2] : A: 2.8 sec. Ni-MH: 1.9 sec.
  • [Color temperature] : 5600K
  • [Color temperature w/diffuser] : 5250K
  • [Depth rating] : 100m  / 330ft
  • [Dimensions (WxHxD)] (Excluding protruding part(s) and the arm holder.): 87x135x111mm / 3.5 x 5.4 x 4.4 inches
  • [Weight] : 650g / 22.8oz (w/o batteries)
  • [Underwater weight] : 5g / 0.4oz(w/ batteries)
  • [Others]
  • Exposure control: DS-TTL II,  Slave TTL, Light level control dial (GN): 1 / 1.4 / 2 / 2.8 /4 / 5.6 /8 / 11 / 16 / 22 / 32 (11 steps)
  • Pre-flash control: Equipped with pre-flash cancel mode
  • DS-TTL II function
  • Slave function
  • Auto power OFF function
  • Sync cord: 5-pin Sync cord/N, Fiber-Optic Cable (L-type)
  • Over-pressure relief valve
  • LED target light

    *1 Number of flashes and recycle time depends on the battery brand, temperature and frequency of use.
    *2  Number of flashes and recycle time of Ni-MH batteries were tested on 2400 mAh batteries.


Kraken Hydra 2000 lumen light

  •     Lumens- 2000 Lumens
  •     Beam Angle- 110 Degree Underwater
  •     Dual push button on/off intensity adjustment with battery level indicator
  •     Modes- Flood: 100%, 75%, 50%, 25%
  •     Depth Rating- 330ft/ 100m
  •     Included in Box- Light, Battery, Charger, YS Mount, Lanyard Padded Carry Case
  • Cetacea Coiled Webbing Lanyard - Clip
  • MAHA PowerEX MH-C801D AAA/AA Battery Charger
  • MAHA Immedion Low-Discharge Rechargeable AA Batteries
  • AO Coolers Medium Carbon Cooler Black (24 Pack)
  • I-DAS TR-L Tray & Sea & Sea Double YS-01 Strobe Package

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