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Optical Ocean Gates AX100 Kraken Ultimate Video Package

Optical Ocean Gates AX100 Kraken Ultimate Video Package

Includes the Gates Housing, GP34A Port, along with two Kraken 5000 lumen lights and more!

AX100 Feature Sheet

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Optical Ocean Sales Gates Housing for the Sony AX100 Ultimate Package

Ultra High Definition in a Compact Traveler

In a long tradition of providing dedicated tools for the underwater motion imaging professional, the Gates underwater housing for the Sony AX100 includes many features for such purpose: flip-in color correction filter; instant auto-focus tracking; ND filters; and direct control of exposure, focus and white balance functions. The AX100 also includes refinements akin to other Gates professional kits like user-friendly controls, adjustable handles for optimal grip position, and improved balance / trim.


The AX100 housing bears many recognizable Gates features:

  • Simple, reliable fingertip mechanical controls;
  • Large side window to see the camera LCD, your big underwater viewfinder;
  • Accommodates all camera battery sizes for hours of recording;
  • Gates Precision Ports for no compromises image quality;
  • A variety of accessories including Carry Handle, Gates Tripod, and more.


Paired with the Sony FDR-AX100 camera, the AX100 offers powerful features in a compact UHD system:

  • 2160/30P UHD and 1080/60P HD from a video-optimized CMOS sensor;
  • Instant Auto Focus tracking;
  • 120fps Slow motion capabilities;
  • Steadyshot
  • Focus Assist (Peaking)
  • ND Filters
  • XAVC and AVCHD recording modes up to 50 Mbps;

The AX100 housing is a Gates through and through: Precision machined aluminum shell, stainless steel hardware, ‘bulletproof’ reliability -- all backed by Gates legendary service and 2 year renewable warranty.

Gates GP34A Wide Port

A practical ‘all in one’ port, the GP34A performance ranges from Mantas to Nudibranchs. A Gates workhorse. The optical acrylic (perspex) outer dome element is field serviceable / replaceable. Gives a 100 degree field of view.

Bring out the color with 2 Kraken 5000 WSRU Lights

New Kraken Hydra 5000 lumen light has 2 buttons for ease of use, a water resistant light head for flood protection, as well as spot, flood and red beams. It features COB LED for the best, and most uniform, flood beams for your photography and video needs.

This 5000 Video Light also comes with the added feature of having a Spot and UV light along with the Wide and Red light. So it can be used as a regular dive light, or as a focus or video light as well. Divers who want to shoot fluorescent photography will have a strong light source. The two button layout mean that you use one button to select the mode, and the other to select the output level. No hard-to-remember sequences on a single button. All of the lights utilize multi-cell battery packs, with quality, fast chargers. Recharge time is about 2.5 hours from a completely drained state. Extra battery packs are available.

The Kraken Hydra lights come in a complete set that includes ball and YS style mounts, spare orings, charger and a carrying case.

Take Advantage of the NEW Kraken Remote Control

Adjust your Kraken Video lights from your fingertips with the Kraken Remote Light Controller! No reaching up to the outstretched light and fumbling to push the button, or turn the knob! You can control one or two lights together, or independently through fiber optic sync cords. You can control their mode or intensity, even put them into sleep mode to save power. The remote uses small blue LED lights to show it's operation.

Take Amazing Macro Video with Saga's Double Flip Holder with Saga's Diopters

For the tiniest critter imaging, SAGA Dive designed and manufactures this Gates-quality flip in diopter holders. Made from anodized Duralumin it is compatible with all AX100 ports. Paired with the GP34, you have the widest range of imaging available in a single setup from Mantas to Pygmy Sea Horses.

This model holds two macro diopter lenses.

  • Allows for perfect centering on lens
  • Allows for more choices underwater and you retain the ability to also flip down the Gates internal red filters.

Saga macro lens 5 "Medium" is the smallest and lightest, and it's ideal for taking macro pictures with a reasonable amount of depth of field.  The Saga +10 macro lens "High"  allows for pictures without approaching too close to the subject to shoot and allowing more magnification power.


What's Included:

  • Gates Underwater Housing for Sony AX100
  • GP34A Wide Angle Port
  • 2x Kraken 5000 Lights
  • Kraken Remote Control
  • Kraken Universal Mount
  • Saga Double Flip Holder
  • Saga +5 Diopter
  • Saga +10 Diopter
  • 2x BM-i09 I-Das Arms
  • 2x EX-iHOT I-Das Ball to Screw Adapter
  • 2x CL-138 I-Das clamps
  • 2x 10bar SSHL-SSHL Sync Cord
  • CineBags Square Grouper Underwater Housing Bag
  • Nanuk 950 Case

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