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Optical Ocean Gates AX700 Kraken Ultimate Video Package

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Upgrade 2x Kraken Hydra 5000 Video Lights

Optical Ocean Gates AX700 Kraken Ultimate Video Package

Includes the Gates Housing, GP34A Port, along with two Kraken 5000 lumen lights and more!


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Optical Ocean Sales Gates Housing for the Sony AX700 Ultimate Package

Ultra High Definition in a Compact Traveler

If you’re serious about underwater motion imaging, the Gates AX700 / Z90 system is for you. It has…well, just about everything. Recreational divers will appreciate the compact size, ‘point and shoot’ instant auto focus / exposure, and easy to see angled camera LCD viewfinder.  

Want more control?  Manual controls include exposure (iris, gain, ss), WB, flip color filter, ND filter and 3 assignables. Professionals get even more: 4 hours+ battery life recording on 2 SD cards, 4K HDR HLG multiple format recording, and optional surface feed SDI.

Small, travel-friendly size, fitting into a backpack or carry-on case with space to spare;

• Precision zoom-through Wide Angle GP34A Port is matched to the built-in AX700 / Z90 12X zoom lens for both wide and macro imaging:
• Internal Color Correction Flip Filter assists with underwater color challenges;
• Direct access to all key controls including A/M Focus, Exposure (Iris / Gain / Shutter), Variable Rate Zoom, Record and ND Filter.
• Large window for the camera LCD with LCD angle adjustment capability;
• All camera battery sizes are accommodated for hours or run time;
• A variety of accessories such as carry handle, tripod, and more.
• SAGA flip diopter holder for one or two lenses for flip-in super macro imaging included!

And yet there’s more. The camera 12X optical zoom + Gates GP34A Wide Angle Port + (optional) SAGA flip diopter means the biggest optical range of *any* underwater system. No lens changes required for over 100° wide angle to super macro all on the same dive. And of course, the AX700 / Z90 Housing is a Gates. “Bulletproof” reliability. 2 year renewable warranty. Legendary support.  Don’t take a chance…. take a Gates!

More about the Sony AX700 features

Gates GP34A Wide Port

A practical ‘all in one’ port, the GP34A performance ranges from Mantas to Nudibranchs. A Gates workhorse. The optical acrylic (perspex) outer dome element is field serviceable / replaceable. Gives a 100 degree field of view.

Kraken Hydra 6000 Lumen WRGBU Wide, Red, Spot, RGB, Blue UV Video and 8000 Lumen Strobe Light

NEW!  The replacement for the tested and true Hydra 5000. The Hydra 6000 packs an extremely bright 6000 lumen constant, and 8000 lumen burst in to a compact package! We’ve upgrade from dual buttons to a three button design which makes controlling the light easier than ever before. We’ve included RGB led’s too so you can get all of the creating lighting options you might need. With a high CRI of 90, the Hydra 6000 is an excellent choice for a wide range of shooters.

One of the most exciting features of the new Hydra 6000 is the ability to charge via USB C. The included charger contains 3 ports, with the capability to charge up to two batteries simultaneously, plus an additional port to conveniently charge a phone, camera, or tablet – helping to streamline your gear when traveling!

The charger is the latest in GaN technology, meaning it’s incredibly small, but still outputs 90 watts!

Both ball and YS mounts are also included. In the event of accidental flood, the head of the Hydra 6000 is water resistant if removed from water immediately. Remote control capable like all lights in the Hydra series – just add the remote control and fiber optic cables when you’re ready.

Optional upgrade to the Kraken Solarflare Mini 12,000 lights available.

Kraken Remote Control for Lighting at Your Fingertips!

Adjust your Kraken Video lights from your fingertips with the Kraken Remote Light Controller! No reaching up to the outstretched light and fumbling to push the button, or turn the knob! You can control one or two lights together, or independently through fiber optic sync cords. You can control their mode or intensity, even put them into sleep mode to save power. The remote uses small blue LED lights to show it's operation.

Take Amazing Macro Video with Saga's Double Flip Holder with Saga's Diopters

For the tiniest critter imaging, SAGA Dive designed and manufactures this Gates-quality flip in diopter holders. Made from anodized Duralumin it is compatible with all AX100 ports. Paired with the GP34, you have the widest range of imaging available in a single setup from Mantas to Pygmy Sea Horses.

This model holds two macro diopter lenses.

  • Allows for perfect centering on lens
  • Allows for more choices underwater and you retain the ability to also flip down the Gates internal red filters.

Saga macro lens 5 "Medium" is the smallest and lightest, and it's ideal for taking macro pictures with a reasonable amount of depth of field.  The Saga +10 macro lens "High"  allows for pictures without approaching too close to the subject to shoot and allowing more magnification power.


Lighting Package Types:
Video Lighting Packages
Video Camera Package Features
Video Camera Included:
Key Camera Features:
4K UHD at 30fps / 29-348mm / F2.8-4.5
Port Included:
Max Light Output:
5000 Lumen
Beam Angle:
Color Temp:
Light Features:
Flood / Spot / Red / UV
Includes Leak Detection/Vacuum System:
Depth Rating:
91m / 300ft

What's Included:

  • Gates Underwater Housing for Sony AX700
  • GP34A Wide Angle Port
  • 2x Kraken 5000+S Lights
  • Kraken Remote Control
  • Kraken Universal Mount
  • Saga Double Flip Holder
  • Saga +5 Diopter
  • Saga +10 Diopter
  • Gates Top Mounted Carry Handle
  • 2x Kraken 8" arms
  • Gates Ball Mount Adapter Kit
  • 2x S&S Fixed Arm Base Ball Mount
  • 2x Kraken Clamps
  • 2x Multi-fiber Sync Cord
Gates FP34A Flat Port

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