Nauticam Super Macro Converter 2 (SMC-2)

Nauticam Super Macro Converter 2 (SMC-2)

When combined with a full frame camera and a 100mm or 105mm macro lens, the SMC-2 provides up to 4X magnification.

Nauticam Super Macro Converter SMC-2

Achieve up to 4X magnification with outstanding edge to edge sharpness with the SMC-2. Designed for use underwater, the SMC-2 provides unmatched optical performance. The new SMC-2 lens builds on the success of the SMC-1 with almost double its magnification. In spite of all this, it maintains exceptionally high image quality, following the examples set by the SMC-1.

Uncompromised Optical Quality

The Super Macro Converter -2 is constructed from lenses are precision crafted of specially formulated low dispersion optical grade glass, ground to the most demanding standards. These exceptional measures, enhanced by broadband anti-reflective coatings effectively reduce common optical issues such as chromatic aberrations, coma, spherical aberration, and field deformation associated with underwater macro photography using traditional magnifying lenses. These optics are assembled in a rugged hard anodized aluminum housing, and nitrogen purged during assembly to eliminate fogging.

Stunning Magnification

When combined with a full frame camera and a 100mm or 105mm macro lens, the device converts the optical system to provide a maximum of 4X magnification factor.

Improved Sharpness and Contrast

As the Super Macro Converter 2 is optimized explicitly for using together with a macro lens underwater, images captured exhibit exceptional sharpness compared with conventional magnification lenses. Thanks to the broadband multi-layer anti-reflection coating on each surface of the lenses, images also exhibit higher contrast.

Superb Light Transmission

All the lens elements installed inside the SMC-2 are optically optimized to appropriate diameters so as to provide maximum light transmission. The SMC-2 doesn't suffer from vignette issues under even the most extreme conditions. The broad band multi-layer anti-reflection coating on all surfaces also greatly improves light transmission.

Optimized for Autofocus

By utilizing a specially developed algorithm in the optimization process, the SMC-2 renders superior image quality over the full focusing range of the camera lens (which becomes ~50 to ~100 mm in front of the SMC). Also benefiting from the high brightness and contrast of the image, the autofocus system of the camera usually works acceptably well within this range.

Smooth Bokeh

The Converter retains the optical properties of the macro lens for the whole system underwater, resulting in a blurred (out of focus) background that has a pleasing smoothness and creamy look, without the normal purple and green fringing.

Macro Diopter Lens Features
Working Distance:
20 - 40mm / 0.8 - 1.6in
Camera Compatibility (recommended):
Mounting Thread:
65 x 30mm / 2.3 x 1.2in
540g / 19oz
Depth Rating:
100m / 330ft

Technical Specifications

  • Depth Rating     100m
  • Weight     0.54kg
I love the SMC I purchased from you, but I would like to get better magnification than the Zuiko 12-50 lens offers at 43mm, so I'm thinking to purchase the Zuiko 60mm macro lens. My question is that will it fit in my existing port for the 12-50 or I will need to buy a new port for it? I understand there won't be manual focus though...
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