Nauticam NA-D5 Nikon D5 Underwater Housing


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Nauticam Nikon D5 Underwater Housing

Nauticam's NA-D5 underwater housing, an ergonomic, rugged, and reliable underwater housing ready to take the Nikon D5 camera underwater!

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Nauticam NA-D5 Underwater Housing for Nikon D5 Camera (17219)

The new Nauticam NA-D5 housing features enhanced ergonomics, a more sophisticated flash triggering system, and reduced size and weight thanks to cutting edge manufacturing processes. Key controls, such as ISO, Video Record, and Playback, and Info have been routed out to the housing grips. Nauticam recognizes that advanced DSLR cameras, and advanced DSLR users, rely on these functions more than ever to realize the full potential of advanced imaging systems.  

Buttons that seem like an afterthought in the D5 camera control layout, such as the Info display are critically routed to the left handle for convenient access. AF-ON, Movie Record, Playback, ISO, Pv, Fn1, Fn2 and Live View are all handled similarly.

Ease of Use

No system is easier to assemble or break down. The camera drops into the housing with a quick release camera tray. The camera tray has an extending bracket that allows the AF-M selector to be easily positioned to match the camera.  No controls need to be preset, as housing functions for dials and switches align automatically. The large 120mm housing port opening allows even the largest popular pro Nikon wide angle lenses (14-24 /2.8G) to be used, and the camera can even be mounted in the housing with this large lens attached.

Integrated Vacuum Check and Leak Detection System

The Nauticam vacuum check and leak detection system electronics are included as standard equipment. Combined with an optional vacuum valve (PN 25625), this monitoring system provides constant updates on the water tight status of the housing. A simple color-coded LED lighting system lets the user know that the vacuum is solid, or that the housing is losing vacuum. Leak detection is built into the same circuit, so if there is water intrusion, an audible and visual indication will occur. The Nauticam system is temperature compensated, eliminating false alarms caused by a change in temperature, or from a camera heating up on an action packed dive.

External Strobe Triggering

The entire external flash triggering system has has been reworked from the ground up in NA-D5, increasing ease of use, setup convenience, and reliability. A new integrated LED flash trigger system connected to the hotshoe is standard. This new system is more powerful than the hotshoe mounted LED triggers used in the past, and is compatible with all currently available optically triggered strobes. It is powered by two CR2032 batteries, and you can expect up to 50,000 exposures.

 This optical flash trigger can fire at the full 14fps of the camera (mirror locked up). Optical systems, with fiber optic cables linking the external strobes to the housing, are far more reliable than any electrical sync cable system.

 Optional Nikonos (26074) or Ikelite (26075) style electrical sync bulkheads are also available. These bulkheads plug into the LED trigger board.

Accessory TTL Converter

The Nauticam NA-D5 will be the first release from Nauticam compatible with our optional TTL Converter. This upgrade provides accurate automatic TTL flash exposure with a number of popular strobes, and offers both optical and electrical strobe triggering! There are three available converters:

  • TTL Converter for NA-D5, Sea & Sea YS-D and Inon Series Strobes (26308)

  • TTL Converter for NA-D5, Ikelite Strobes (26308)

  • TTL Converter for NA-D5, Sea & Sea YS-250 Strobes (26309)


In addition to the "core" fingertip controls (Shutter Release, Main Command Dial, and Sub Command Dial, and AF-ON) ISO is accessed by a convenient thumb lever.
The Pv function, formerly known as Depth of Field Preview, is located next to the lens mount on the front of the body. This control is re-routed to the housing back.
The new AF-Mode Lever is easily located by feel from the left handle. The AF-M lever has been replaced by a knob, making it less likely to be inadvertently bumped into manual focus.

 Fn1 and Fn2 are also located here, accessed by an oversized rocker just forward of the handle. These assignable controls can be mapped to one of numerous functions for quick access. The camera and housing offer extensive customization for a tailored ergonomic experience

See Specification Tab for more details and accessories.

Housing Features
Depth Rating:
100m / 328ft
Construction Material :
Aluminum Alloy
Includes Moisture Alarm System:
Includes Vacuum Seal System:
Electronics pre-installed (requires vacuum valve)
Sync Cord Compatibility :
TTL Converter Installed:
No (optional)
Interchangable Port System:
Compatible Port System:
Cold Shoe Mount :
Includes Tray and/or Handles:
Access to All Camera Controls:
357 × 224 × 148mm / 14 x 8.8 x 5.8in
Weight- Land/Water:
3.67kg (129.5 oz) / Near Neutral
External Monitor Compatibility :
Optional View Finder Accessories:
45 ̊ viewfinder (32203)
Recommended Accessories:
TTL Converter for Nikon (26308)

Details and Specifications

    Depth Rating:  100m
    Weight: 3.67 kg
    Dimensions: 357mm x 224mm x 148mm (W x H x D)

Key Features

  • Patented Port Locking System-Unveiled on the very first Nauticam DSLR housing in 2009, this locking lever has become a signature of the Nauticam brand.  No twisting or threading action is required to mount a port,and it locks securely in place with this lever.  Nauticam also offers locking extension rings, meaning a dome will never twist, even when used with a long extension ring.
  • Housing Locking Latches-The industry's easiest to use housing closure system, requiring very little hand strength to close, secures the housing back in place. The latches are securely closed, but easy to open for a quick battery or memory card change.
  • Multi Controller Pad-Located within easy reach of the right thumb, virtually recreates the Nikon D5 multi selector allowing full multidirectional use of this powerful tool, including diagonals. No other manufacturer has it.
  • Integrated Vacuum Monitoring and Leak Detection-Circuitry included as standard equipment provides constant monitoring of water tight integrity when combined with an optional Nauticam M16 Vacuum Valve II (PN 25625).
  • Stainless Steel Handle Brackets-Stiffening handle brackets are included with the housing.  These brackets eliminate any flex or wobble when using big strobes, and provide multiple attachment points for lanyards or other accessories.
  • Ergonomic Rubberized Grips-Another legendary Nauticam feature, these rubberized grips have been used every Nauticam DSLR housing release, and are some of the most comfortable in the business.
  • Clear Control Labeling-All camera controls are clearly labeled, allowing easy identification.The redesigned LED Flash Triggering System has allowed for a much lower housing height.  This the smallest, easiest to pack Nauticam Pro DSLR housing yet!Compared to NA-D4, the previous Nikon pro body housing from Nauticam, the smaller size is immediately apparent.


The standard optical glass viewfinder is very good and travel friendly, but many photographers prefer the ease of a magnified viewfinder with adjustable diopter. Nauticam produces a “straight” 180º enlarging viewfinder and a 45º angled enlarging viewfinder to enhance the ease of close quarters work often associated with macro shooting. Both viewfinders have high quality optics, and allow bright viewing of the entire image. A patented external dioptric adjustment allows personal adjustment to a sharp-as-a-tack standard underwater and viewfinder changes can be executed in less than 30 seconds without using tools. Exceptional composition and focus accuracy have never been more accessible.

Every photographer and shooting scenario has unique demands. Some ideas are listed below:

    •    1 Step Spd / Aperture, allows changing exposure settings in full f-stop increments.  Think about changing from a wide angle scenic mode with relatively open aperture and slow shutter speed to a close focus wide angle shot that requires a closed aperture to shrink a sunball.
    •    My Menu, a customized panel with frequently accessed menus settings
    •    Access Top Item in MY MENU, actually jumps into a frequently accessed sub menu structure for the top level My Menu selection, saving at least two button presses.  (ie min shutter speed in auto iso mode, or quickly define a preset white balance)
    •    Quickly access another metering mode, toggling between the selected metering pattern and an alternate that more appropriately mesures the current scene.
    •    Flash disable / enable, this is a big one! Toggles external flashes on and off, allowing a switch between artificial light shooting (continuous shooting speed limited by flash recycle, and shutter speed limited by the strobe max sync speed at 1/250) to silhouette mode using only ambient light (full 12 fps continuous shooting speed, unrestricted flash sync speed).
    •    AF-area mode + AF-ON – very cool functionality, for a quick way of accessing a focus mode other than the mode currently assigned and activating it while held down. Placed at the right thumb via the re-positioned PV lever, the current focus mode be overridden with something like auto area focus for quick grab shots where there isn't time to move the selected autofocus point.

Premium Professional Optics

Experienced shooters know a camera is only as good as the lens in front of it, and the same is true when choosing optics for an underwater camera system.  Four optically coated glass dome ports (250mm, 230mm, 180mm, and 140mm diameters) and a series of acrylic ports support popular lenses from Nikon, Sigma, and Tokina.  Port configurations are extensively tested at Nauticam to determine the ideal extension ring length for best performance.

For macro and super macro shooting, the Nauticam Super Macro Converter is a revolutionary accessory. This is an entirely in house design, optimized for use in water.  The water contact correction offers the highest overall sharpness, free from chromatic aberration and purple fringing, with reproduction ratios exceeding 2:1 when used with a Nikon AF-S 105mm /2.8 VR Lens.

Recommended Accessories

  • Magnifying Viewfinders   
    • 180º Enhancing Viewfinder (32201)   
    • 45º Enhancing Viewfinder (32203)
  • Optical and Electrical TTL Converter  
    • TTL Converter for NA-D5, Sea & Sea YS-D and Inon Series Strobes (26307)   
    • TTL Converter for NA-D5, Ikelite Strobes (26308)   
    • TTL Converter for NA-D5, Sea & Sea YS-250 Strobes (26309)   
    • M14 Nikonos 5-pin Bulkhead II with Red Micro-Match Connector (26074)    
    • M14 Ikelite Style Bulkhead II with Red Micro-Match Connector (26075)

Other Accessories

    Patent Pending Super Macro Converter (81201), providing 2.3:1 reproduction ration with the popular AF-S 105mm /2.8G VR Macro Lens
    M16 Vacuum Valve (25612)
    Complete line of flat and dome ports for all major lenses, available in acrylic and glass
    Locking port extension rings from 10mm to 90mm
    Monitor/Recorder Housing for Atomos Ninja2 (17902) or Shogun (17904)
    Monitor Housing for SmallHD 502 Monitor (17906)
    Fiber optic cables for Inon (26211) and Sea&Sea (26212)
    Full line of mounting accessories for lighting, including mount balls, strobe adapters, arms, clamps, and specialty items
    Multiple styles of lanyards
    Lens holders, including flip-up
    Focus and Zoom gears for many Nikon, Tokina, and Sigma lenses
    Port Adapters for Aquatica, Ikelite, Inon, Nexus M5 & M6, Sea & Sea NX, Seacam, Subal Version 3 & 4, and Zillion
    Handle accessories including smaller handles, handle extensions for cold water diving
    Spare Housing O-Ring (90134)

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