Nauticam A6000 Underwater Housing for the Sony A-6000

Nauticam A6000 Underwater Housing for the Sony A-6000

Nauticam NA-A6000 Underwater Camera Housing for the Sony A6000 SLR Camera

The Nauticam NA-6000 aluminum camera housing sports some of Nauticam’s latest technology. With a depth rating of 300', it's robust, well laid-out and has a standard rotating side mounted housing latch. There is a re-designed port locking latch that, along with a lens release button, make housing lens and port changes easier than ever.

The NA-A6000, coupled with the Sony A-5000 SLR, which is based on the highly successful NEX series of large sensor mirrorless cameras, is one of the best underwater imaging tools to date.



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Nauticam NA-A6000 Underwater Camera Housing for the Sony A 6000 SLR Camera

The Nauticam NA-6000 aluminum camera housing sports some of Nauticam’s latest technology. With a depth rating of 300', it's robust, well laid-out and has a rotating side mounted housing latch. An over-sized zoom knob for those wearing gloves. A re-designed port locking latch that, along with a lens release button, makes lens and port changes easier than ever. The  NA-A6000 housing also takes full advantage of the Sony’s many features and allows easy one handed operation of both command dials, video recording and EV control. The ability to activate or lower the A6000’s built in flash is easily accessed. The tilting LCD display is canted in housing for ideal in-water observation.

The A6000 features a programmable function menu and two programmable custom buttons, a definite step up in utility from the NEX series. This programmability is embraced with all of these buttons readily available in the housing. For fans of “thumb focus” (moving the autofocus from half-press of the shutter to a button operated by the right thumb), this is fully supported as well, by setting the camera to use the easily accessible AEL button to AF ON.

Video is easily accessed;with it being larger, concave and red in color. For tripod use, the housing features two standard 1/4" 20 tripod holes.

The NA-A6000 comes standard with the Nauticam leak check vacuum system electronic built in. By default, it serves as an audible and visual leak detector, but add a Nauticam M16 Vacuum Valve, (p/n# 25612) and it becomes a vacuum check system - early warning for any problem with watertight integrity - which means peace of mind when shooting underwater.

Each control on the housing is clearly labeled, making it easy to learn the system. Milled from solid aluminum, the housing is rated to 100m/330ft depth, and is rugged and ready for use!

Sony Lenses for Nauticam Ports

The 16-50mm kit lens is quite versatile, and may be the only lens some people ever need. However, unlike with a compact system that does not allow lens changes, the A6000 supports a wide range of Sony and Zeiss lenses that are ideal for any shooting situation, including underwater use. Nauticam supports all of the Sony and Zeiss lenses that are suitable for underwater use.

Lenses like the Sony E 16mm F2.8 Pancake lens, either with or without the VCLECF1 fisheye conversion lens, or the Sony E 10-18mm F4 OSS allow for full wide angle coverage, and a choice between fisheye and rectilinear. Sony produces the E 30mm F3.5 Macro lens for fish portrait and lightweight macro use. For hardcore macro enthusiasts, Nauticam and Zen Underwater support the Canon EF-S 60mm f/2.8 Macro USM, Canon EF 100mm f/2.8 Macro USM, and Canon EF 100mm f/2.8L Macro IS USM lenses via the Metabones adapters.

The Carl Zeiss Touit f/2.8 12mm lens is one of the finest wide angle lenses available, and is supported via a Zen Underwater adapter and dome port. And, Zeiss is now shipping the Zeiss Touit 2.8/50M macro lens, which is fully supported by a Nauticam port, for true 1:1 macro in a native E mount lens.

Flash Connectors for Inon S-TTL, and Sea&Sea DS-TTL

Reliable automatic flash exposure is available with the NA-A6000 and a variety of optically fired flashes. The Inon Z-240, D-2000, S-2000, Sea & Sea YS-01 and YS-D1 strobes provide automated lighting, precisely reproducing the camera’s onboard flash at a proportionally greater intensity.

Strobes can be attached to the housing via optional strobe mounting balls secured to the handles of the Nauticam accessory tray systems or a single strobe mounting ball location on the housing. The housing also features a cold-shoe mount for a focus light or other accessory mounting options.

Nauticam Build Quality

Only the finest materials and cutting edge manufacturing processes are used to make Nauticam housings. The housing body is machined from solid aircraft grade aluminum, then hard anodized making it impervious to salt water and provides an impressive 100 meter depth rating. The large acrylic LCD window is treated with an anti-reflective, scratch resistant coating.

(ports not included)


  • Depth Rating: 100m
  • Weight: 1.0kg
  • Dimensions: 192mm x 124mm x 88mm

Key Features

  • Signature Nauticam Port Locking System
    The iconic red locking lever is right at home on the NA-A6000; lens/port changes made quick, easy and secure.
  • Vacuum System:
    The integrated vacuum check and leak detection system adds extra assurance of watertight integrity. Use it without an optional vacuum valve and it serves as a audible/visual water ingress detector. Add the vacuum valve, and get watertight integrity indication via a color coded LED light.
  • EVF/LCD Switch:
    Switch between EVF and LCD with the flick of a switch. And for an even better view, add the optional LCD window to utilize one of Nauticam's legendary enhanced viewfinders!
  • Locking Latch:
    The locking latch, proven in use with thousands of housings, is secure and easy to use.
  • Ergonomic Controls:
    Controls on the housing are designed with shooting in mind, and each control is clearly labeled.
  • Nauticam 7in Dome Port N85
  • Nauticam N85 Macro Port 45
  • I-DAS TR-03 Tray & Sea & Sea YS-01 Lighting Package
  • Optical Ocean Modular Single Sea & Sea YS-01 Lighting Package
  • Single Modular Sea & Sea YS-D2J Lighting Package
  • Nanuk 930 Case
  • Cetacea Coiled Webbing Lanyard - Clip
  • Nauticam Lubricant
Bought a Nauticam housing from you guys just last fall. I love it, but the paint on the labels on the controls on the outside of the housing began to wear off almost immediately.

Sent it in to Nauticam and they fixed it quickly just like new...

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