Nauticam M16 Dual Activation Vacuum Valve

Nauticam M16 Dual Activation Vacuum Valve

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M16 Dual Activation Vacuum Valve

This is a one way vacuum valve, which uses the included hand pump or an inflator valve to create a vacuum and activate the housing electronics, including the Vacuum Check light. These Vacuum Valves contain an integrated vacuum release, and a redundant waterproof cap. No tools are required to open the housing after creating a vacuum, as the vacuum is released with a simple knurled nut.

You must have the electronic circuitry installed in your housing for this system to work. The M16 size fits most DSLRs and video housings.

The Dual Activation Valve accepts a BCD Low Pressure Inflator Hose quick disconnect, and uses tank pressure to create a Venturi effect that pulls the vacuum. This is recommended for housings like Nauticam's DCES for RED EPIC and SCARLET where the internal volume of the housing makes using a hand pump impractical.

All vacuum valves also include a hand pump and spanner tool for installing valves.



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