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MagicFilter Original Magic 23x25mm Filters Pack of 3

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MagicFilter Original Magic Filter 23x25mm Filters Pack of 3


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MagicFilter Original Magic 23x25mm Filters Pack of 3 (MS153T)

The original Magic is designed for digital SLR cameras, shooting available light stills or video, although can be used successfully on compacts and video cameras. This filter is designed to work with the adjustable manual white balance of the camera, and give high image quality while working over a wide depth range and without causing too much loss of light.

The principle is similar to a traditional red filter. However, the Magic filter is not just a single color, but a precise recipe derived from extensive real world underwater photography tests with digital cameras. The recipe was derived by MagicFilter for their own photography. The original Magic filter looks orangey.

Magic Filters are designed to fit on all the common wide angle lenses used underwater by DSLR photographers. The Magic not only makes underwater easy, it also solves the technical shortcomings of getting color with flash. Strobes cannot light up large subjects, but with a filter you can get color over massive areas. Strobe light also falls off rapidly with distance, but with the filter you can taken shots where color penetrates deep into the images away from the lens. Several new SLRS offer high definition video capabilities. Magic filters allow you to switch between shooting stills and video in full color, and are the only filters designed for underwater use that fit on the popular fisheye lenses.

The original Magic Filter is designed to work with your cameras white balance, when set manually,to produces great results over as wide a depth range as possible. It will produce vibrantly colored images from the surface down to 15m (50ft), and then subtler, more muted tones there after, which are still an improvement on reality. That said the filter is designed to work best for available light shooting, in clear blue water, on bright sunny days between 3 and 13m, but users keep sending in great images taken down to 20m or more.

The MS15 is an original Magic filter designed to fit into the filter holding slot on the rear on the Sigma 15mm Fisheye lens, as well as several other Sigma wide angle lenses - such as the 8mm FE, 12-24mm & 15-30mm. This filter will fit on all these Sigma lenses irrespective of the brand of camera they are designed to fit. The filter measures approximately 23x25mm. See this page for more details on how to cut and fix the filter. Depending on the size of the lens on your camera you will get between one and four filters per sheet.

You cannot take photos with a filter and strobes as the white balance will be off. Magic Filters aren't for every dive, but they do enable underwater photographers to take types of images that they never could before.

All Magic filters are supplied with detailed instructions

For more information about the Original Filter Click Here.

To download cutting templates: Click Here.

For more information about fitting filters onto DSLR Click Here.


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