Leak Sentinel V.5 Vacuum Leak Detection System

Leak Sentinel V.5 Vacuum Leak Detection System

Leak Sentinel V.5 Vacuum Leak Detection System

Vivid Housings Leak Sentinel comprehensive vacuum system that allows the underwater photographer to confirm watertight integrity before entering the water. Hand or electric pump not included, order seperately.



An adapter to fit you housing.

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Leak Sentinel V.5 Vacuum Leak Detection System

For only a fraction of the price of other similar systems, you too can now have Leak Sentinel, pre dive vacuum leak detector that will eliminate guesswork about the housing tightness and let you concentrate on the photography, instead of worrying if today is maybe your turn to experience the underwater photographer's worst nightmare.

This new, improved version of Leak Sentinel features new, calibrated pressure sensor and processor. The complete electronic circuit and the battery are located in the robust anodized aluminum valve body for even more convenient operation and ease of installaton.

The green/red LEDs are visible through the transparent acrylic window, so no complicated installation around the viewfinder in non-transparent housings is required. LEDs are always visible, not only when you look through the viewfinder.

The installation is simple and straightforward, and is in most cases done by either replacing the bulkhead, or just screwing the adapter into the accessory port. You can check the tightness immediately after installation, making the process risk-free.

Custom adapters for various housings/bulkheads are available, please contact us to order.

The circuit is self calibrating, and as such suitable for altitude diving.

Note: A hand or electric pump is NOT included, please make your choice from the available accesories.


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