Kraken TR06 Tray & Sea & Sea YS-D2J Strobe Dual Lighting Package

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Upgrade From Orca Torch D530V
Change from YS-D2J Strobe
Add Olympus Tough Camera & Housing

Kraken TR06 Tray & Sea & Sea YS-D2J Strobe Dual Lighting Package


Kraken TR06 Tray & Sea & Sea YS-D2J Strobe & OrcaTorch Lighting Package

The Kraken TR06 Tray and YS-D2J lighting package is complete and can accommodate almost any housing from point and shoots to micro 4/3rds. Includes Tray, Handles, Sea & Sea Strobe and OrcaTorch focus light.

Kraken Dual Handle Adjustable Tray

The Kraken Dual Handle Adjustable Tray is great for smaller mirrorless camera underwater housings as well as for compact cases. This new tray from Kraken features anodized aluminum construction, a wide range of adjustability and 2 comfortable handles with mounting balls.

The set comes with Kraken arms and clamps to hold a strobe and a light.

Sea & Sea YS-D2J Underwater Photography Strobe

New YS-D2J StrobeThe Sea & Sea YS-D2J is setting new standards for power in a compact strobe is a very versatile underwater strobe. New Made in Japan model has improved quality and reliability. The auto DS-TTL exposure compensation function allows subtle lighting control by adjusting the Light Level dial in DS-TTL mode. Powered by four AA batteries, in a redesigned battery compartment, the YS-D2J offers a maximum light output of guide number 32. Keeping with the same great performance specs as the YS-D1, the YS-D2J has added an audible tone providing TTL and ready light confirmation. The YS-D2J also features a faster recycling time, and a rear glowing colored panel with easy-to-adjust controls.

The set includes the required multi-fiber optic sync cord.

OrcaTorch D530V 1200 Lumen Focus Light with 140° Super Wide Floodlighting

OrcaTorch D530V is a compact and lightweight USB charging underwater focus light. It has 140 degrees super wide floodlighting with no blind angle for underwater photography. The light uses a titanium alloy side switch that offers 2 lighting power settings, which allows for easy operation underwater. The LED indicator light located on the switch button also lets you know the battery's remaining charge.

Lighting Package Types :
  • Single Strobe Packages
  • Dual Strobe & Light Packages
  • Sea & Sea YS-D2 Packages


  • Sea & Sea YS-D2J Strobe with diffusers (SS-03121)
  • Orca Torch D530V (D530V)
  • 10Bar Multifiber Sync cord (M-SSHL-SSHL)
  • Kraken Adjustable Tray (KR-TR06)
  • Kraken 5' Arm (KR-BM5)
  • Kraken 8" Arm (KR-BB8)
  • Kraken Clamps (KR-CL x3)

Upgrades and substitutions available! Ask for pricing.

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