Kraken Dual Flexarm Hydra 4000 Lumen Lighting Package

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Add Olympus Tough Camera & Housing

Kraken Dual Flexarm Hydra 4000/6000 Lumen Video/Still Lighting Package

6000 lumen Burst Mode for Stills!

(Housing not included)



Kraken Dual Flexarm Hydra 4000/6000 Lumen Video/Still Lighting Package

6000 lumen Burst Mode for Stills!

Double the power! Simply add your housing to the tray and you are ready to take your images to the next level with two Kraken Hydra 4000 lumen video lights. Shoot stills and video on one dive! These lights work like strobes "burst" flashing to 6000 lumens using the included sync cords. Fully compatible with a wide range of compact camera & housings from Olympus, Fantasea, Sea & Sea, Ikelite and most others. Includes Double flexarm tray, two Kraken Hydra 4000 (upgrades optiona), and two Kraken multifiber sync cords.

Kraken Dual Handle Flexarm Tray

Metal flat tray for lightweight ability to mount two lights. Larger diameter, heavier 3/4" Locline flex arms make pointing lights a breeze. Sturdy light-weight metal tray. Handles designed to accomodate accessory ball mount for attaching a focus light and the Kraken remote for control over video lights. Tray and handles now designed with extra length and width to accommodate larger housings or gloved hands.

Kraken Hydra 4000 Lumen WRGBU Wide, Red, RGB, Blue UV Video and 6000 Lumen Strobe Light

NEW! The replacement for the tested and true Hydra 3500. The Hydra 4000 packs an extremely bright 4000 lumen constant, and 6000 lumen burst into a compact package! We’ve upgraded from dual buttons to a three button design which makes controlling the light easier than ever before. We’ve included RGB led’s too so you can get all of the creating lighting options you might need. The Hydra 4000 is an excellent choice for a wide range of shooters.

One of the most exciting features of the new Hydra 4000 is the ability to charge via USB C. The included charger contains 3 ports, with the capability to charge up to two batteries simultaneously, plus an additional port to conveniently charge a phone, camera, or tablet – helping to streamline your gear when travelling! The charger is the latest in GaN technology, meaning it’s incredibly small, but still outputs 90 watts!

Both ball and YS mounts are also included. In the event of accidental flood, the head of the Hydra 4000 is water resistant if removed from water immediately. Remote control capable like all lights in the Hydra series – just add the remote control and fiber optic cables when you’re ready.

Built to the usual high-quality Kraken standards, the head water resistant. If you have an accident and flood the light, the head will remain ok. You'll probably have to replace the battery but that is much less expensive than replacing the light. This gives you the benefit of being able to easily switch batteries between dives, but also not having to worry about a flood!

Included in box: Light, Battery, Charger, YS Mount, Ball mount, spare orings, padded case.

Two multifiber Kraken sync cords also included.

Lighting Package Types:
Video Lighting Packages
Lighting Package Features
Camera Compatibility:
(Up to) Mirrorless
Macro Ready:
Wide Angle Ready:
Light Features:
Flood / Wide / Red / Blue / Green / Mixed / UV
Max Light Output:
4000 lumen flood / 6000 lumen burst
Beam Angle:
Color Temp:
Includes Focus Light:
Max Tray Width:
Arm Length(s):
Battery Type(s):
Li-ion Battery Pack
Depth Rating :
100m / 330ft


  • Kraken Dual Handle Flex Tray (KR-TR04W)
  • Kraken Hydra 4000 Lumen Video Light x2
  • Kraken Multi-fiber optical sync-cord (x2)
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