Kraken +13 Macro Diopter Lens


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Kraken +13 Macro Diopter Lens

"lucky 13"

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Kraken +13 Macro Diopter Lens

Kraken Sports +13 "Lucky 13" diopter These are air-sealed, achromatic optics of the highest caliber with little or no chromatic aberration.

67mm threads, anodized aluminum. Comes with lens caps and carrying bag.

Macro Diopter Lens Features
Diopter Strength:
Working Distance:
60 - 85mm / 2.3 - 3.35in
Camera Compatibility (recommended):
Full-Frame (up to)
Mounting Thread:
71.6 x 42.4mm / 2.8 x 1.7in
410g / 14.5oz
-280g / -9.9oz
Depth Rating:
60m / 200ft

Lens Construction: 4 elements, 3 groups
Compatible Camera (Up To): Sensor Size: 36x24 (135mm Full Frame)
Camera Lens: 60mm-105mm
Diopter: +13 (76.92mm)
Working Distance: 60mm-85mm (from front of lens)
Max Magnification: x2.5 (area ration x6.25) with 105mm F2.8 macro lens
Glass/Coating: Optical glass/multi layer BBAR coating
Lens Barrel: Aluminum w/ type II anodizing
Mounting Thread: 67mm
Dimensions: ~71.7x42.4mm
Weight (air): 410g
Weight (water): 280g
Depth Rating: 197ft (60m)

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