Inon s2000 Strobe & Kraken Flexarm Tray Package


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Inon s2000 Strobe & Kraken Flexarm Tray Package


Inon s2000 Strobe & Kraken Flexarm Tray Lighting Package

This Inon s2000 strobe package has everything you need to take your compact camera photos to the next level! This lightweight package is great for travel and contains the small, but high-powered Inon s2000 strobe, sync cord, mounts and flex arm tray. A high quality strobe package for those wishing to shoot the best stills.

Inon S-2000 Underwater Photo Strobe

The Inon S-2000 underwater strobe is extremely small and powerful. The S-2000 is the perfect travel strobe measuring just 2.5" x 3.3" 4.2". It uses 4x AA batteries and has manual and S-TTL which is compatible with a wide range of today's cameras. Featuring a guide number 20, beam angle 105º ×95º without a diffuser, circular 110º light distribution with a diffuser. High quality and power in a tiny footprint!

Kraken Single Handle Flexarm Tray

While underwater light will improve footage taken in shallow water, it's a must-have the deeper you go. At only 30 feet below the surface, red, orange, violet, and yellow are lost. At 60-120 feet, you're left with only blue and green. A strong, yet flexible 3/4" locline arm makes aiming the Inon strobe a breeze. The handle is designed with extra height to accommodate larger or gloved hands.

Sync Cord

Also included is a high-quality multi-fiber 10Bar fiber optic sync cord, adapter cap, and YS strobe mount.

Compatible with most any compact camera and housing.

Lighting Package Types :
  • Single Strobe Packages

What's Included:

  • Inon s2000 S-TTL Strobe
  • Kraken Tray with flexarm
  • Multi-fiber Sync Cord
  • Nauticam sync cord adapter
  • 10Bar YS Strobe adapter

Inon s2000 Strobe


  • Guide Number 20.
  • Circular 110 degree beam coverage with a diffuser
  • Precise "S-TTL" mode & 12 step "Manual"
  • Built-in EV. Controller to fine-tune S-TTL Auto exposure
  • On-board wireless TTL capability
  • Powerful 4 x AA batteries operation
  • Minimum recycle time of 1.5 seconds at full flash

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