Great customer service! I'm am trying a new configuration connecting a video light to a camera tray. I need a small part to connect the two and can't seem to find what I need. Over the phone, the gentleman assisting me was going through various parts to see what might work. He made comments about what would be the most cost effective options. He also suggested that if I wanted to bring the light and tray into the shop, he would be happy to help me configure my set-up. I'm really happy I found Optical Ocean Sales!

Whether you are in Seattle or not, Optical Ocean Sales has great service and prices.

Great service, convenient location, and awesome selection. Really helpful to guide you to the right set up for you and your style.

I ended up with far more keepers than normal. I continue to be impressed with Nauticam housings and Sony cameras, and this was without a doubt the easiest and most rewarding photo week yet!

The go to place for Underwater Photography. Very helpful, and a really nice staff.

I'm so excited for my upcoming trip to San Salvador with to go see some sharks! I might get to dive with a scalloped hammerhead shark! I have a complete new Nauticam photography rig, thanks to OpticalOcean--can't wait to try it out!

Gorgeous place and the owner is really kind and professional man. Great place! And he does his job much quicker than others thank you

I've ordered two camera systems and numerous accessories from them. The store is just fantastic and the staff is very knowledgeable. I have called time and time again and always with questions about purchases or asking for advice on various products and always been answered with polite, thoughtful, and helpful responses. Cannot recommend them enough!

The best source of underwater photography equipment and advice in the Seattle area.

I get all my underwater and even some above water camera gear here. Jack is very knowledgeable and helps you out anyway he can. The amount of free information and tips on the website is over the top. Really impressed with these guys and have been using them for years. Thanks for all your help Jack.
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