Ikelite TG-4 Housing & YS-03 Underwater Strobe Package

Ikelite TG-4 Housing & YS-03 Underwater Strobe Package

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What's Included:

  • Ikelite Housing for the TG-4/3
  • Sea & Sea YS-03 Universal Lighting Package
  • Chrome thumbscrew
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Ikelite Underwater Housing for Olympus TG-4 with Sea & Sea YS-03 Lighting Package (Camera not Included)

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The Ikelite Underwater Housing for Olympus TG-4 (or TG-3) and Sea & Sea YS-03 Lighting Package provides you with everything you need to shoot great underwater photos! Just add your TG-4 (or TG-3 camera. This lightweight package is great for travel and contains everything you need to take your TG-4 or TG-3 diving.

The Ikelite housing for the Olympus TG-4 has been redesigned for improved ergonomics. A side-mounted shutter lever and new zoom control make shooting a breeze. Hard anodized aluminum and acetyl controls operate smoothly and are fully serviceable for many years of enjoyment.

A new central tripod mount has a standard 1/4- 20 thread and can be connected to popular tray systems from most manufacturers.

Our brand new ABS-PC blend provides strength and corrosion-free performance year after year. The specially formulated color deflects the sunlight to keep your camera running cooler, longer. Durable construction keeps the system watertight shallow and at depths up to 200ft (60m), well beyond the reach of the Olympus branded housing.

The package also includes the Sea & Sea YS-03 Universal Lighting System (SS-03541). Exploration into the world of underwater photography is made bright and clear with the Sea & Sea YS-03 Universal Lighting System. This is a great value strobe package and includes everything that is needed to utilize the YS-03 to the fullest with most compact camera housings. 

YS-03 is designed to mimic the light intensity of the camera's built-in flash, so you can capture vibrant, colorful images. Say goodbye to manually adjusting the strobe output, as YS-03 is TTL. YS-03 is compatible with any camera containing a pre-flash and a TTL flash exposure function. SEA&SEA created this strobe for any underwater photographer with any level of expertise. It is simple to use and easy to understand. With only one rotary power control, YS-03 is ready to start shooting beautiful images with a turn of the switch from OFF to TTL.

The compact flex arm with neoprene sleeve mounts to the compact digital tray and compliments the YS-03 impeccably. Adjusting the YS-03 strobe head to any angle is quick and easy with the smooth joints of the compact flex arm.

The Fiber Optic Cable II M/2 enhances the transmission of light through a multi-core fiber design. Containing 613 cores each with a narrow diameter, potential light transmission loss is minimized-even when the cord is bent. This unique SEA&SEA multi-fiber design helps prolong the life-span of the fiber optic cable even when faced with physical impact. The Fiber Optic Cable II M/2 provides an advancement for efficient light conductivity.

We've improved this package to include better mounting hardware as well.

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  • 200 ft (60m) depth rating
  • Controls for all camera functions
  • Slightly positive buoyancy in fresh water
  • 12-24 thread tray mounting with 3 in (76mm) spacing
  • Weight 1.1 lb (500 g)
  • Dimensions 5.9 x 4.5 x 3.6 in (150 x 114 x 91 mm) including projections
  • 3.0-inch diameter glass lens port
  • Olympus TG-4 IHS Digital "Tough" Camera - Red
  • MAHA PowerEX MH-C204W AAA/AA Battery Charger
  • MAHA Immedion Low-Discharge Rechargeable AA Batteries
  • Cetacea Coiled Webbing Lanyard - Clip
  • UWL-04 Fisheye Wide Angle Lens
  • AO Coolers Small (12 Pack) Carbon Cooler Black
  • Ikelite Housing for Olympus TG-3/TG-4 Camera
  • Nauticam TG3 Underwater Housing for Olympus TG-3 or TG-4 Cameras

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