Ikelite Sony A6500 Underwater Video System

Ikelite Sony A6500 Underwater Video System

Optical Ocean Sales Ikelite Underwater
Sony A6500 Video System

What's Included:

  • 6910.65 Sony A6500 DP200 Housing
  • Ikelite Dome Port with Zoom 5516.15
  • Ikelite Zoom Gear 5514.41
  • Two I-Torch 4,000 lumen Video Lights
  • Flat Tray TB-10
  • Two Handles HB-01
  • Two IDas 7" Ball to Ball Arm BB-i07
  • Two IDas 5" Ball to  Arm BM-i05
  • 4x IDas Clamps CL-138
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Optical Ocean Sales Ikelite Underwater Sony A6500 Quality Video System

Our unique, high-powered Ikelite Sony a6500 Video System has everything you need to take great underwater video with the remarkable Sony a6500 mirrorless camera. Starting with the Ikelite a6500 Underwater DLM200 Housing and Mirrorless Dome Port, we've added two high-quality iTorch c92 4,000 lumen video lights with a high 92 CRI index. Connecting it all together is our strong and adjustable TB-10 DSLR tray and handles with I-DAS ball and joint arms. You're ready to capture all of your underwater adventures in stunning 4K video with great lighting.

Ikelite Underwater Housing for Sony Alpha a6500 Mirrorless Digital Camera - DLM200 version

The a6500 feels great in your hand with a simple and ergonomic control set. We extend this underwater, providing larger controls and push buttons which are easy to access even with thick gloves. Whenever possible, controls are located in the same configuration as on the camera to replicate the muscle memory and familiarity you've developed with your camera on the surface. Control symbols laser engraved into the back of the housing will never peel off or fade even with years of use. The camera's large, super-bright LCD screen is viewable edge-to-edge through the back of the housing.

Two fiber optic ports are built into the front of the housing provide an attachment point for fiber optic cords from most major manufacturers.

Durability and corrosion free performance

Our brand new ABS-PC blend provides strength and corrosion free performance year with minimal maintenance. The specially formulated color deflects the sun to keep your camera running cooler, longer. Compared to black or clear housings, the light gray color provides superior contrast for enhanced view of the camera, LCD screen, and o-ring seal.

Lens Support

It couldn't be more simple to change ports than this system—just press the port on and tighten three thumb screws. Feel positive reinforcement that the port is secure with simple parts you can trust in a remote location. We've included the Ikelite 5516.15 mirrorless dome port for the 16-50mm Sony kit lens. This housing accepts a variety of ports from our DLM Port System to accommodate all of the most popular zoom, macro, and wide angle lenses.This housing also accepts a variety of ports to accommodate all of the most popular zoom, macro and wide angle lenses.

iTorch Venom c92 Underwater Video Lights - two included!

The i Torch Venom c92 produces a high-output 4000 lumens with a very wide and smooth 100 degree beam. It uses a COB light emitter, which is more balanced than a normal LED array. This light has a high 92 CRI index, meaning it is very close to balanced daylight lighting. The Venom c92 also includes red, so it can also be used as a focus light. There is an LED read out so you can easily see where your battery level is, and what power level you are currently on. Two button control for mode and power make use easy.

There are 4 power levels while using the white LEDs, two power levels while using the red LEDs. This light is powered by a rechargeable lithium cell that is enclosed in the tail of the light. Recharging is simple, just unscrew the tail of the light and plug it in to the supplied charger.

See Review Here: http://bit.ly/c92-Review

TB-10 DSLR Tray & I-DAS Ball & Joint Arms

This sturdy modular tray has slots that allow for both the housing and handle to be adjusted for your comfort while using the rubber-gripped handles. Two sets of I-DAS 5+7" arms and clamps are included for a durable and comfortable to use lighting package.


    200 ft (60m) depth rating
    Controls for all important camera functions
    Ikelite flash bulkhead connector with built-in TTL circuitry
    Two 1/4-20 threaded tray mounts with 3-inch (76mm) spacing
    Ikelite bulkhead connector with built-in TTL circuitry
    Slightly negative buoyancy in fresh water
    Actual buoyancy varies depending on choice of lens and port
    Weight 3.1 pounds (1430 g) not including port
    Dimensions 5.9 x 7.6 x 5.2 in (150 x 193 x 132 mm) including projections
    ABS-PC, acrylic, and acetyl construction

  • Nanuk 935 Case with Dividers
  • I-DAS Symbiosis Lighting System SS-2 Battery

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