Gates Deep Dragon Housing


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Gates Deep Dragon Housing

6K Digital Cinema Underwater Imaging

Pro Action Housing Feature Sheet


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Gates Deep Dragon Housing

6K Digital Cinema Underwater Imaging

Gates DEEP DRAGON Digital Cinema Housing ushers in a new level of underwater cinematography. Designed for Red Digital Cinema's EPIC DRAGON camera -- with 6K lines of resolution, more than 16 stops of dynamic range and native 2000 ISO -- DEEP DRAGON offers exceptional handling of challenging underwater lighting conditions. Based on Gates sibling DEEP EPIC, new accessories are added to the DEEP DRAGON kit including collapsing Tripod Legs; Light Bar for mounting ULCS, TLC or other light arms; and Shade Extensions for the RED PRO External Monitor housing.  Professionals the world over know that failure is not an option.  From research to broadcast TV and cinema productions, they never take a chance...they take a Gates!

Compatible cameras:

DEEP DRAGON Supported Equipment

DEEP DRAGON standard configuration supports the EPIC camera (any flavor), DSMC Lens Mount (any type) RED TOUCH 5.0 display, Side SSD Module (full or mini),  REDMAG (full or mini), REDMOTE, RED BRICK battery. DEEP DRAGON supports many other modules, batteries, displays, and over 70 different lenses. Adaption may be required. Contact Gates for specific details.

Note: DEEP DRAGON is upgradable to DEEP WEAPON to allow use of all DSMC2 platforms ($3880).

Items included:

  • RED PRO External Monitor housing -- viewable from any position;
  • Seal Check II – to verify housing integrity *before* entering the water:
  • Trim Weights – for perfect balance and control in any configuration
  • Carry handle - Easy grip, transport and handling
  • Tripod Legs – Integrated with the housing and collapse tight when not in use;
  • Shade Extension – a deeper viewing shade for the RED PRO External Monitor housing;
  • Light Bar – to mount ULSC, TLC, Locline and other light arms;
  • Purasol Port Cleaner

Key Features

"Bulletproof" machined aluminum, black type III hard anodize finish, and sealed with a nickel acetate process.

External Monitor Case Options:

  • RT7 for RED TOUCH 7" LCD
  • RP5 designed for the RED TOUCH 5" LCD
  • Starlite ST5, for the Transvideo STarlite HD5
  • TVL55 for TV Logic VFM-058 Field Monitor LCD

Complete Camera Control
Access to all camera functions via REDMOTE Controller.

Extensive Lens Support
Over 70 PL and DSLR lenses are support in DEEP DRAGON

Adjustable Buoyancy and Trim
Add/remove trim weights for ideal buoyancy and balance – a genuine pleasure and key to stable, fluid shots.

Precision Ports
Clarity, sharpness and no vignetting (cutoff dark corners) to spoil your images.

User Friendly Field Serviceable Controls
User friendly field serviceable controls are 100% mechanical -- no complicated mechanisms or electronics to fail. Simplicity = Reliability  

Complete Camera Control
Access to all camera functions via REDMOTE Controller.

2-year Warranty
2-year renewable warranty on all housing

Adjustable handles
Perfect grip and convenient access to controls

Seal Check II
Included with DEEP DRAGON and assures housing integrity before entering the water.

Please contact us with what lenses and options you intend to use and we can help specify the necessary configuration.


Controls (All Mechanical)
  • Power
  • Record/Standby
  • Iris
  • REDMOTE Controller (all functions)
  • Manual Iris
  • Manual Focus
  • Assignable Buttons 1/2
Dimensions: Basic Shell

Transport size with 8" dome, PE286

  • 19.7" L x 11.5" H x 11.9" W ”
  • 50 cm x 29.2 cm x 30.2 cm

Fully Assembled with monitor, handles, 8” dome, PE286

  • 19.7" L x 17.7" H x 16.5" W ”
  • 50 cm x 49.5 cm x 41.9 cm
  • Machined Aluminum, Type III Hard Anodized finish.
  • Stainless steel hardware.
Weight in Air
  • 43 lbs / 19.5 kg (complete w/camera)
  • Tranport (base housing): 27 lbs / 12 kg
Weight in Water
  • Slightly negative and adjustable
Depth Rating
  • 450 feet / 137 meters
  • Accommodates one (1) RED BRICK battery or
  • Dual / Quad REDVOLT Module is supported (contact Gates for details)
Included Items
  • External LCD Monitor shell only(LCD not included)
  • Gates [infopopup:seal-check] system
  • Pelican Case
  • Tool & O-Ring Kit
RED Items Required

(Basic set. See Supported Equipment  for more info)

  • DSMC or DSMC² Camera
  • LCD Monitor:
    * RED TOUCH 5.0" LCD
    * RED TOUCH 7" LCD (SKU 730-0007)
    * TV Logic VFM-058
  • RED BRICK or compatible V-Lock
  • LENS of choice (GATES Lens Compatibility Reference)

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