Gates AX700 Underwater Housing for Sony AX-700 / Z90 Video Cameras

Gates AX700 Underwater Housing for Sony AX-700 / Z90 Video Cameras

Gates AX700 Underwater Housing for Sony AX-700 / PXW-Z90 / HXR-NX80 Video Cameras



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Gates AX700 Underwater Housing - Versatile. Backpack-able. Feature Rich.

A Purpose Built 4K HDR Underwater Video Kit.

If you’re serious about underwater motion imaging, the Gates AX700 / Z90 system is for you. It has…well, just about everything. Recreational divers will appreciate the compact size, ‘point and shoot’ instant auto focus / exposure, and easy to see camera LCD viewfinder.  

Want more control?  Manual controls include exposure (iris, gain, ss), WB, flip color filter, ND filter and 3 assignables. Professionals get even more: 4 hours+ battery life recording on 2 SD cards, 4K HDR HLG multiple format recording, and optional surface feed SDI.

Small, travel-friendly size, fitting into a backpack or carry-on case with space to spare;

• Precision zoom-through Wide Angle GP34A Port is matched to the built-in AX700 / Z90 12X zoom lens for both wide and macro imaging:
• Internal Color Correction Flip Filter assists with underwater color challenges;
• Direct access to all key controls including A/M Focus, Exposure (Iris / Gain / Shutter), Variable Rate Zoom, Record and ND Filter.
• Large window for the camera LCD, your big underwater viewfinder;
• All camera battery sizes are accommodated for hours or run time;
• A variety of accessories such as carry handle, tripod, and more.
• SAGA diopter accessory for flip-in super macro imaging (available from SAGA Dive).

And yet there’s more. The camera 12X optical zoom + Gates GP34A Wide Angle Port + (optional) SAGA flip diopter means the biggest optical range of *any* underwater system. No lens changes required for over 100° wide angle to super macro all on the same dive. And of course, the AX700 / Z90 Housing is a Gates. “Bulletproof” reliability. 2 year renewable warranty. Legendary support.  Don’t take a chance…. take a Gates!

Compatible cameras: Sony FDR-AX700 / HXR-NX80 / PXW-Z90

AX700 Dimensional Drawing

Controls (All Mechanical)

  • Power
  • Record-Standby / Assign #4
  • Zoom
  • LCD Swivel
  • Internal Flip Color Correction Filter
  • Mode (Photo / Video)
  • Assign #5/6
  • Iris
  • Gain / ISO
  • Shutter Speed
  • White Balance
  • ND Filter
  • Auto / Manual Focus
  • Focus Ring
  • Custom Dial (Manual Focus / Exposure)


  • 11.7" D x 5.8" H x 12.6" W ” (16.7" w/handles)
  • 30 cm x 15 cm x 32 cm (42cm)


  • Machined Aluminum, Type III Hard Anodized finish. Stainless steel hardware.

Weight in Air Dry:

  • 12.5 lbs / 5.7 kg (w/camera & GP34A Port)

Weight in Water:

  • Slightly negative (All Ports)

Depth Rating:

  • 300 feet / 91metersBatteries: Accommodates all batteries up to NP-FV100


2 Years Renewable. Gates Warranty Details.

  • Gates Carrying Handle
  • Gates FP34A Flat Port
  • Gates GP34A Wide port
  • Gates SP34A Standard Wide Port
  • Saga Double Flip Diopter Holder for Gates AX100
  • Saga Flip Diopter Holder for Gates AX100
  • SagaDive Pro +5 Macro Diopter Lens

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