Fantasea UWL-400Q Wide Angle Lens

Fantasea UWL-400Q Wide Angle Lens (5142)

Featuring a wide 120 degree field of view and a zero minimal focus distance, Fantasea's UWL-400Q allows you to shoot breathtaking wide angle and close focus images that are super sharp corner-to-corner and great on the details. It is perfect for a wide variety of compositions, including seascape, divers, ship wrecks and schools of fish, without moving further away from the subject, thereby still taking full advantage of water clarity and artificial light sources. You can focus closer and fill the frame with smaller subjects.

The UWL-400Q is designed for use with cameras with 24mm (or higher) lenses.

The lens mounts on 52mm threaded lens ports. The EyeDaptor M67-F52 lens adapter is included in the box and allows mounting the lens on housings featuring a 67mm threaded lens port. Adapters for other sizes are available. Alternatively, the 52mm threaded adaptor mount screwed into the lens can be replaced with a Bayonet mount (separately purchased) for quick and easy installation and removal of the lens when used with a compatible Bayonet system (QRS).

While it can be added and taken off during a dive it's size and the fine threads on the port can make this awkward underwater. It is better to install it and shoot wide angle throughout the dive.

Wet Wide Angle Lens Features
Field of View:
Max Lens Width:
24 mm
Dome Construction:
Mount Type:
52mm Thread
121.8 x 76 mm / 4.8 x 3.0 in
Weight- Land/Water:
606g (21.4oz) / 224g (7.9oz)
Depth Rating:
100m / 330ft

UWL-400Q Specifications

  •     52mm thread mount (removable and can be replaced with a Bayonet mount, separately purchased)
  •     Bezel / Barrel material: Aluminum alloy with black hard anodize, ABS
  •     Lens construction: 5 groups and 5 elements
  •     Lens coating: Hard coating on the Polycarbonate dome lens + Multi layer AR coating on all glass lenses
  •     Depth rated to 100 meters / 330 feet
  •     Magnification: 0.50X
  •     Angle of View: 120 degrees*
  •     *Diagonal angle of view (or field of view) on land, using a focal length equivalent to 24 mm with a 35 mm format image sensor. To understand how this lens performs using a specific camera, please check our compatibility tables or contact us.
  •     Focus distance: 0mm from the dome
  •     Weight (on land): 606 g / 21.4 oz
  •     Weight (underwater): 224 g / 7.9 oz
  •     Dimensions (diameter x height): 121.8 x 76 mm / 4.8 x 3.0 inch
  •     Included in package: Neoprene dome cover, rear lens cap, EyeDaptor M67-F52 lens adaptor, secure string, microfiber cloth, O-ring remover and lens padded carrying case

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