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Fantasea UMG-02 LCD Magnifier

Fantasea UMG-02 LCD Magnifier

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Fantasea UMG-02 LCD Magnifier (5052)

Having trouble seeing your LCD screen while diving? Add the Fantasea UMG-02 LCD Magnifier and get an enlarged, clear, bright and sharp view of your LCD screen.

Using the UMG-02 makes it easier to compose and focus with the camera system, resulting with sharper and more impressive underwater images. UMG-02 was optically designed for underwater use. The rubber sleeve serves as a sunshade and ensures a clear view also in the brightest conditions. Installation is quick and simple. An adjustable diopter allows focusing the lens to a finer degree customized to individual eyes.

The UMG-02 LCD Magnifier was designed to be installed on Fantasea housings. It can also be installed on other housings featuring a similar design of anti-glare hood rails.

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