Fantasea Moisture Detector


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Fantasea Moisture Detector

Fantasea Moisture Detector (7501) 

Eliminate the worry out of taking your expensive camera underwater by adding the Fantasea Moisture Detector to your underwater camera housing. The Moisture Detector can be added to any housing provided there is sufficient space for the alarm unit.

Whenever the Fantasea Moisture Detector detects moisture inside the housing a bright LED light begins flashing and a warning alarm starts beeping. This gives the user a chance to make it to the surface before suffering any water damage to their camera.

The alarm unit is installed on any of the housing side panels using a double-sided installation sticker, included in the package. Make sure that your housing offers sufficient space for the alarm unit to be installed (34 x 24 x 7 mm) without interfering with a proper watertight seal.

The Moisture Sensor unit is installed just under the camera or camera tray inside the housing.

Operated by a 3V Lithium #CR1220 battery. A replaceable and non-rechargeable battery is included.

Important Notice:

All components should be handled carefully during installation.
The Fantasea Moisture Detector assists with detecting moisture inside the housing. Installation of the Fantasea Moisture Detector inside the housing does not eliminate the user's responsibility of validating housing watertight seal prior to and during the dive.

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