Fantasea EyeGrabber Canon G Series

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Fantasea EyeGrabber Canon G Series

The EyeGrabber Canon G Series attaches to Flex and B&J Arms and allows for secure attachment of optic accessories designed for Canon G Series Housings  when they are not in use. Includes a T2 Connector and two different sets of screws, enabling to attach the Lens Holder to any standard Flex or Ball & Joint Arm.

Compatible with:

  • BigEye Lens G Series (Cat. No. 5135)
  • EyeDaptor G Series - F67 (Cat. No. 4701) - with any lens accessory mounted on top of this adaptor
  • SharpEye Lens M67 (Cat. No. 5128) - ONLY when mounted on top of the EYeDaptor G Series-F67 (Cat. No. 4701) 

Please note that using the EyeDaptor G9-G10 (Cat. No. 4703) or the EyeDaptor S90-G Series (Cat. No. 4707) with any of the lens accessories mentioned above, still allows mounting these lens accessories on this EyeGrabber Lens Holder.

Please note that this EyeGrabber Lens Holder is not compatible with the RedEye Filter G10/G11 (Cat. No. 5201) or the RedEye Filter G7/G9 (Cat. No. 5203).


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