Anglerfish Remote v3.0

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Anglerfish Remote v3.0

Anglerfish Remote Optical Trigger (Remote Slave Trigger)

In most underwater photography applications the strobe are mounted on the camera housing with use of articulating arms. This lighting technique yields excellent results.  However, to create creative lighting it maybe necessary to place the strobes off camera. To do this a remote slave trigger is used similar to how Pocket-Wizard is used above water. The trigger allows the strobe to be decoupled from the camera, allowing the photographer more control over the lighting.

Macro Snoot Application

Macro snoot photography can be quite challenging underwater. In most applications, the snoot is mounted on the camera housing and is adjusted to constantly to provide the desired lighting. If the camera housing is moved slighting the lighting is disturbed and may require adjustment.

By decoupling the strobe from the underwater housing, the photographer can move freely without disturbing the lighting. This allows the photographer to place the lighting and move freely around the subject to capture the best angle and composition.

This technique is typically used in any studio application. Seldom you will a photographer mounting the lighting on the camera. By providing lighting off-camera you can achieve different lighting conditions that add depth and contrast to the image making the image more pleasing to the eye.

Anglerfish Remote v3.0

Trigger version 3 is battery replaceable version of trigger. The trigger can accept high capacity and readily available CR2 battery allowing user to change the battery easily in the field. User has the ability to install non-rechargeable or rechargeable batteries. Features carried over from version 2 include optical and electrical sync cable options. It has a depth limit of 100 m (330 ft.).
    •    Dual optical and electric sync cables
    •    Compatible with all strobe models
    •    Intelligent ambient light sensitivity compensation via on board computer
    •    Type III hard anodized aluminum housing for maximum durability
    •    Depth rating of 100 m
    •    850-700 mAh CR2 replaceable battery
    •    Ultra fast electronics able to achieve maximum sync speeds faster than 1/320s!
    •    Intelligent power management system. Up to 80hr of shooting time on a single charge. Power down, standby and sleep modes. Up to 300day of battery duration in the sleep mode
    •    Environmentally friendly design. Lead (Pb) free and RoHS compliant

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