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BigAnimal Expeditions

BigAnimals Expeditions is a small group of elite adventure guides and photographers catering to bold individuals who insist on experiencing the natural world in its most pure and uncompromising state.

Led by acclaimed photographer Amos Nacoum, BigAnimals gives you the ability to get up close and personal with wild animals in exotic locales to capture the finest images. Their expeditions are intimate, small groups led by some of the best photographers in the world.

Worldwide Expeditions

Their expeditions are designed to safely bring you as close as possible to the most exciting animals on the planet — great white sharks, sperm whales, polar bears, blue whales, mountain gorillas, elephants, lions, cheetahs, striped marlins, sailfish, anacondas, pink dolphin, snow leopards, and more.

Each wildlife expedition’s departure is carefully timed to coincide with peak animal behavior displays that generally occur only during two to four week periods each year. All of my adventures are planned to the same standards as what you’ve seen in wildlife films, so you’re guaranteed a high level of photographic opportunities and logistical services.

We only take a few guests depending on the trip — but usually four. This provides you with room to move freely, ample space in which to photograph or film, and our guides’ close personal attention and guidance. Most importantly for us, our small group size has far less impact on the wildlife being observed. Over the last twenty-plus years, We’ve guided over 3,500 divers, snorkelers, and adventurers all over the globe. We have an unequaled record of success in finding and observing unique animals in the wild, and we’re especially proud of our immaculate safety record. We believe this is why more than 60% of our guests join us over and over again in discovering more about their world and themselves.

VIP Tours

For either private of commercial expeditions, if you need the best professional guides and location managers the industry has to offer, BigAnimals Expeditions can help you take control of your journey.
If you need the privacy and the individualized focus a Personalized Tour all of the Expeditions at BigAnimals can be booked on a custom basis.
    •    Flexibility: Go where you want when you want
    •    Focus: The guide has no other job than to take care of your group
    •    Freedom: Spend your time as you please

Expedition Guides

BigAnimals possess the expertise, humor, and undaunted passion needed to lead you on the most exhilarating journeys imaginable, and we are happy to lend our photographic expertise and teaching savvy to ensure you capture the most spectacular wildlife photographs you’ll ever take.

BigAnimals Expedition Leaders Include:

 Amos Nachoum  Amanda Cotton  Joshua Barton  Nathaniel Smalley  Nick Leboeuf


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