10Bar SSHL to Velcro 2M Multi-fiber F/O Sync Cord


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10Bar Sea & Sea 2M Multifiber F/O Sync Cord

10Bar SSHL to Velcro 2M Multifiber F/O Sync Cord

2m (6ft) multifiber fiber optic cable with velcro on one end and an SSHL plug on the other. Great for using Sea & Sea or Olympus strobes with housings that have no means of attaching a sync cord. New thicker multifiber fiber optic cord transmits more light and is more durable.

Strobe Connector:

  • SSHL: 90 degree plug connector for Sea & Sea and Olympus Strobes

Housing Connector:

  • Velcro: Sticks to housing in front of flash when there is no provision for a different connection. Use on many older housings, plus Ikelite and Canon housings. Comes with sticky back velcro for housing. Can also remove velcro connector for use in bare wire connections.

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