Medium TRL Flat Tray Double Arm Set


Medium TRL Flat Tray Double Arm Set

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Optical Ocean Sales Medium TRL Flat Tray Double Arm Set includes handles and arms for a strobe and focus light. Compact and sturdy, made from anodized aluminum. Handles adjust in width for large or small hands, housings, gloves, etc. Optional parts available to customize your own set.

The tray is 13" (330mm) overall width, 11" between handles. Will accommodate most larger housings from major manufacturers such as Olympus,10Bar micro 4/3rds and others with 1/4-20 "tripod" mount screw. The Flat Tray is the only tray we recommend for larger Ikelite Digital housings (such as G11, SX200, etc. sizes), please select extra mounting hardware option. For Ikelite Ultracompact housings, and smaller OEM point and shoot housings, the OOTB-07 Flat Tray is recommended.

For DSLRs including the Olympus PT-E05/6 and Sea & Sea RDX series we suggest the DSLR Flat Tray, as the TRL Medium Tray does not allow enough room for larger hands and gloves.

Includes 1/4-20 bolts handscrew for mounting.


  • I-DAS TRL Flat Tray (13" or 330mm)
  • 2x HB-05 Handles
  • 4x 4" light mount
  • 2x 6" ball arm
  • 6 clamps
  • Mounting hardware (Ikelite optional)



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